Professional Dallas movers it is very good service for your move. If you are thinking how to pack and load a moving truck so nothing breaks, you are on the right place! Professional Dallas movers from DFW Moving Company are here to advice some useful tips in case you are renting a truck or loading your own. Follow our instructions and your relocation will be super smooth!

Professional Dallas movers: Why Smart Packing Is Important

One should realize that packing a truck is one of the most important steps in successful move. It will help you to:

  • maximize useful truck load;
  • make secure placing in the truck;
  • use effectively all inner space;

As a result: safe and secure transportation of all items with Professional Dallas Movers!

Moving Like A Pro: Professional Dallas Movers Experience

If you want to have effective DIY move, just follow some easy TIPs. They will help you to move fast and save your household belongings.

Preparation stage

1. Estimate right truck

There are many types and sizes of trucks, so be sure to understand the right one. Be careful not to choose too small truck, as this will cost you time and money: if the items won’t feet, you will need to drive back and as a result pay twice. In order to escape such extras, ask manager to advice you the best option for your personal case.

2. Find packing materials

Packing materials do matter, because they will ensure the safety of your belongings during transportation. Order beforehand such essentials as:

  • boxes;
  • packing tape;
  • bubble wrap;
  • special coverage for furniture like furniture pads or moving blankets;
  • moving straps.

You can always order moving supplies, extra movers, or door-to-door transportation in case you need it. Just contact us here.

3. Realize how many movers are needed

Never underestimate the necessity for extra help. You might ask friends, relatives, and even colleagues to help you with your relocation, that would be great idea! But better think twice and see, if you have very heavy or bulky items, it is better to hire professionals. This will guarantee you 100% safety of items.

Auction stage

1. Load heaviest items first.

Wonder why doing that first? It’s easy! This will help to load the biggest pieces and to make the effective use of the loading space. Usually big pieces include:

  • mattress;
  • couches;
  • electrics.

So after securely placing them in the truck, you can pass to the next step.

2. Place kitchen furniture like tables and chairs in upright position.

Movers in Dallas: Attention! These items are fragile and easy to break, that’s why we recommend transporting them fixed in upright position. Use some scotch tape to prevent any movement.

3. Roll up all carpets and put them on floor.

If you have any carpets, it is easy to deal with them: simply roll up and find some place in the truck to stuck carpets there.

4. Load other lightest household things at the end.

After the heavy loading is finished, go on with smaller and lighter items. Put such household items (lightweight boxes) on top of furniture and appliances.

Finish stage

1. Use special straps.

Moving straps will help to securely place everything.

2. Double check and relocate the objects which are not standing 100% well.

When all process is finished, analyze how the load looks like. If you see some items, which are not 100% secure, better replace it.

3. Perform a test drive movement and see if everything is strapped securely enough.

Make a small movement with truck to see that all items are OK and nothing moves.

Keep in mind

1. Control that the weight is distributed across all loading platform.

This means, that heavy items should be placed all over the truck, not only at the end of it.

2. Pack easy breakable things separately.

In order to save easy-breakables during transportation, pack them with double bubble wrap.

3. Transport pictures in upright position.

Pictures required special transportation, contact us to know more details. Also you can check out our advice regarding art and antique moving here.

Extra Help: Professional Dallas Movers Are Here

In case you need help, like extra muscles, extra driver or you have decided to order door-to-door moving, call us now and we will do everything possible to make you relocation the best you have ever experienced!

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