Senior moving


The services of senior moving company are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Elder customers need special treatment and extra help. Usually the organization of senior moving is complicated. How to deal with this sort of relocation, what to keep in mind and what additional services can be asked for together with basic senior mover services?

DFW Moving Company, having professional senior movers in Dallas, is ready to share the experience with you right here and right now.

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Senior moving services

Relocation process is always a bit complicated to anyone, and if we consider elderly people, this can become a real challengefor them and their families. There is a wide range of services, which DFW Moving Company can propose for elder clients and their families:

  • moving within one town or long-distance
  • all sort of movers and packing services
  • removal of unwanted objects
  • scheduleflexibility
  • trained experienced movers
  • additional services
  • services of personal assistant

Your elder relatives deserve the best and DFW Moving Company will guarantee to provide all possible senior relocation services for you!

Senior mover is more than a mover

Our company is experiences in all types of moving services and we discovered that senior moving is always more than just a simple relocation. The process usually concerns our beloved parents or relatives, and we need to feel completely safe about them, that they will receive all the information they need and all range of professional help. DFW Movers Company has senior moverspecialists, specializing in this type of moving. They are attentive, helpful, careful and patient. They are experienced movers, working with extra consideration for ourclients; they do all their work in the most possible delicate way.

As a good option, you can turn to personal manager or personal assistant, who will be with you all time that you need. You can plan and carry out the moving strategy together, and personal manager can even assist elder person and his family on moving day.Oure

TOP 4 Strong Factors

Working with the elder clients and their families, DFW Moving Company pays special attention to each particular moving case.Our clients find our services valuable, because of following main factors:

  1. We plan moving with client accepting all possible and impossible needs.
  2. We assist on each step of preparation from request day until the day you need us.
  3. We provide personal manager to answer all yourquestion.
  4. We make a strong focus on your needs.

Fast tips for making your senior relocation services efficient

3 months before:

Speak carefully with your elder relatives to narrow down options for moving, determine basic and additional needs. Get prepared for an appointment with your specialist from senior relocation company.We advise you to meet with your specialist in person, so you can discuss all details you need and get profound information about senior relocation services available. Leave enough time for preparations.

1 month before:

Visit the new place and check with your senior moving company manager, how much time will be neededin total. Get ready with all services and contract. Make a list of things, which you don’t need and decide whether you will trash them or give to other people.

2 weeks before:

So, when all your plans are already done, you can start packing easy household things. Don’t forget to label them.

1 day before:

Make a fast call to the manager to check that everything is in order. Ask for contacts of the movers and drivers. Check that all possible boxes are prepared and packed. Look through your check-list.

Moving day:

Stay with your relatives or hire a special person to assist.

After arrival at new place:

To finish the senior relocation process smoothly, think carefully after arrival at new place. Coordinate unpacking and assembling processes.

Following this simple plan, remember 3 important things:

  1.  Don’t rush, stay calm
  2. Be accurate in planning
  3. Stay positive

The other work DFW Moving Company will do for you!

No need to hesitate any longer, call now to make your first free consultation about senior moving services in Dallas or make an appointment with a specialist!Help your relatives to make first easy steps to new life!