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Moving To Dallas: Few Facts To Consider

Dallas, officially known as the City of Dallas is located in North Texas, forming part of Dallas County. It is magnificent calm city perfect for almost everything you want: start business, or move with family, or even come here to find your partner to spend life with!

Dallas, TX Area: Stats And Basics

We have summered a few interesting Dallas stats, so check them out below!

9th largest city in the US

3d largest in Texas

Population: 1,341,075 (2017)

Location: North Central Texas

– 35 miles east of Fort Worth

– 245 miles north, northwest of Houston

– 300 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico

Taxes: Sales – 8-9%; Hotel Occupancy – 13%

Dallas is centrally located and within 4-hour flight from almost all North American cities.

2 Airports: 2,200 flight daily

Business: 21 Fortune, over 500 companies (JC Penney, Energy Transfer Equity AT&T, Tenet Healthcare are among the most famous)

Moving Dallas: Pros and Cons

If you are thinking to move to Dallas from other state or city, probably, that’s right decision! In 2017 it was the fastest growing city in the US, with around 300,000 US citizen having packed their belongings and moved to this magnificent place.

Being a local company here, DWF Moving Company is happy to share personal views on some facts and issues, which will help you to either make up your mind faster or postpone relocation to some other time.


  1. Fast job growth
  2. Active downtown revitalization
  3. Lots of cultural activities (film festivals, rodeo battles, etc.)
  4. No state income taxes
  5. Delicious food and local cuisine


  1. Big Traffic
  2. Real estate costs
  3. High urbanization level

Now when you are familiar with some useful facts, it will be easier to decide whether this city is for you or not. Basing on ur own experience, we can assure you that this city is cozy, friendly, and ideal for life!

No matter what move you plan to carry out, you can trust us your full moving routine, including

– packing up,

– assembling and disassembling,

– dealing with complex appliances,

– transporting electronics,

– wrapping,

– delivering rental boxes and other packing materials,

– working with heavy, bulky, and abnormal items,

– unboxing,

– storage,

– getting rid of unnecessary items and garbage

And much more! We can perform door-to-door service or any personal service according to your individual request. In other words, if you are searching for best moving service in Dallas, you are on the right place! One of the leading Dallas Moving Company is happy to great you and to serve your needs.

If any matter concerns either any place in Dallas or Best Movers Dallas, remember – DFW Moving Company is ready to work for you anytime 24/7!

Moving to Dallas: Specialists To Rely On!

If you are Dallas local, probably you have already heard or contacted us and we really hope you have only the best impressions!

Nonetheless, it’s not a big deal to refresh our relationship once again! Remember, our telephone is 24/7 available for you:

+1 (469) 901-4871
+1 (469) 956-7555
There is one question, we want to answer right now, as we tend to hear it rather often. Sometimes our clients call us and ask: Dallas movers… well… Yeah, I definitely need your help… but… Ehm… what can you actually do?

And here we start our short presentation, explaining how we work with relocation, packing materials, and generally how we try our best to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to ensure your safe and secure way to new home.

It is totally OK to feel a bit confused regarding the scope of work to be done when it is about movers, moving, and generally transportation and logistics. We have spent years to ensure our strong positions on the Texas market and today we can fully prove that all what has been done is solely for you, for your partner, for your family, friends, and relatives – for all nearest and dearest! Isn’t this idea already wonderful?

How many times we have faced the situation that our clients suffered so many problems just because they haven’t turned to us before?! Don’t make such mistakes, as soon as you understand that relocation is near, contact us and get your busy campaigned planned and scheduled by professionals!

Short List of The Most Spread Moving Services

Basically, DFW Moving Company movers are experienced professionals dealing with wide range of tasks. Today the most spread services are those listed down below.

  • Residential Moving

It concerns all types of moving within Dallas and neighborhood and it is also known as local moving. If you need relocating from one district to another, no matter for what reasons, this is the best option for you. In includes planning, scheduling, and controlling the whole process.

  • Commercial And Business

When it comes to commercial and business relocation, it is usually more complicated, as there are many formalities to consider like:

– location of old and new place;

– special permissions for parking and carrying out the works;

– following the rules of local community;

– organization and control of the whole process;

– delivery of all necessary packing materials;

– considering strict schedules;

– preparations of all required documents and papers.

In order to make everything stress free and smooth, there is a special assistant to control all the move stages. It is convenient, reliable, and cool! Transferring your business has never been so easy, promises!

  • Long Distance Services

Going far away from your old place is another story, which requires many preparations. Usually it is important to understand both A and B points and then our planners start working. Relocating long distance can be a bit complicated because it required extra preparations, perfect and secure packing, and of course appropriate vehicle. But still no worries, with us even the longest way will be not that frightening!

  • Senior Move

This service was specially created for elderly people and their relatives, who need to change their current location. Such type of move usually means thorough preparations and care on each step of the process: starting from sorting and packing, finishing with unboxing and trashing all unnecessary items.

  • Packing Services

In case you need packing materials, we can easily deliver them to you! Anything like:

– bubble wrap

– tape

– boxes of different size

Just let us know, what you need – and we will be ready to deliver it to you!

  • Labor Only

This service purely provides extra muscles for you. Dealing with heavy or bulky objects, lifting services, assembling or disassembling the furniture- all these actions are easily done by the best movers in Dallas!

Apart from the services listed above, we can provide storage, door-to-door transportation, as well as urgent and next-day move.

In fact, you can order a combination of these services or simply ask for the whole package. We are super flexible when it comes to understanding clients desires and needs.

Professional Mover Dallas: How Do We Look Like?

We wear professional DFW uniform!


Our experienced and trusted packers and movers are ready to help you with any move! We are reliable and what is super important – we know our job very well. Working already long time on the moving market, we push the borders and try to make our services better every single day!

If you want to leave a review, you can visit yelp or contact us directly by calling or leaving your contact information in our feedback form.

DFW Moving Company Philosophy

When we speak about moving Dallas, it is more than just a work! Relocation for us is:

  1. Qualified work
  2. Interesting tasks
  3. Friendly and professional approach
  4. Smart team
  5. Muscles and brain

And as a result

Happy customers!

Those customers, who leave reviews, who suggest our services to their relatives and friends! Our team highly appreciates any feedback and feels really grateful to making your moving dreams come true!

Dallas movers: how we estimate your quote?

You might wonder, how to get your move calculation and here we are also happy to show you our easy methods.

  1. You are making a call or contacting us via online support service and give some details about your planned move. It might be rather approximate estimates, it doesn’t matter! No need to worry if you still haven’t make up your mind yet regarding all the details. That’s totally fine, as we will do it together.
  2. Our coordinator will take full care of you, figuring out
  1. what services are essential in your case;
  2. what services are useless;
  3. What extra services will be needed;
  4. What discount you might have;
  5. What would be the best date to move
  1. After discussing all the details of your move, you will get your moving plan ready. So from now you can be calm as all your needs are included in the plan.
  2. When the plan is finished, you most likely will be proposed to schedule your moving date. If you already want to fix the date, go forward! If not, no problem! Our smart scheduling helps us to be rather flexible in it.

DFW Moving Company: What Regions We Serve

Apart from our magnificent Dallas, we are serving couple of other regions nearby, as our clients tend to give our contacts to their relatives and friend and we simply can’t say NO to them.

As Dallas is forming the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis, we are serving these regions as well:


  • Dallas
  • Plano
  • Allen
  • Fort Worth
  • Carrollton
  • McKinney


If you don’t see your city or town in this list, contact us and we will check what we can do for you!

10 Tips To Organize Your Space Waiting For The Movers

If you already have done all the preparation and – Hooray – it is MOVE day, check out some useful things you can perform while waiting for your Dallas movers to arrive.

Tip #1. Trash all garbage

Tip #2. Check all documents

*Different cards, insurance and all sort of personal documents and papers should be in order.

Tip #3. Think if you need to return anything to your neighbors

*If you borrowed some books, clothes, or some items from your neighbors, visit them and give them back. They will be happy!

Tip #4. Make a detailed listing of your belongings

*Make it both on paper and in mobile application like Notes.  This will help you not to lose it.

Tip #5. Find some essential clothes and take them in small hand luggage

*When you will arrive at new place, probably you will be tired to make all unpacking and unboxing. For this reason collect some your essential clothes in order not to anxiously search for them.

Tip #6. Double check the fridge

*Check that no food is still left in the refrigerator.

Tip #7. Prepare a separate box for small jewelry

Tip#8. Unplug all technics

Tip #9. Collect small technics in handbag

*This TIP refers to laptops, cameras, smartphones.

Tip #10. Take few minutes to make double check

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