Checklist template for office relocation: Items You Should Include

Checklist template for office relocation: Items You Should Include

Checklist template for office relocation is your ideal method to prepare for your move. It is necessary so that you can write down everything you need for your move. In this article, we will show you how to create the Office Relocation Checklist correctly and give you some helpful tips!

What is Checklist moving

This is a list of things to do and what you need to move. In this list you can include all the things you need to do before and after the move, as well as all the things you need in your new office or apartment. 

You may feel that making a list is unnecessary because it takes a lot of time. But if you think so, then you are greatly mistaken. We recommend that you take the time to write a checklist because it will save you time preparing for the move.

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Top tips for executives by professional movers Dallas: how to write a Checklist template for office relocation yourself

Checklist template for office relocation requires careful writing. If you don’t pay attention to detail, you won’t be able to write it correctly and avoid mistakes. This can threaten that you will forget some important points.

Below we will tell you what is important when writing a checklist for office relocation.

Checklist template for office relocation: New Space Office

If you are planning to do Office Moving, then you should consider changing the image of your office. Agree that you don’t really want to move to a new office that will look like the old one. In the modern world, there are many ways to modernize the space around you.

Determining the new office headcount

First, you should count the number of employees in your office. Depending on this number, you can think about how much furniture you need to buy and how to arrange this furniture. This is necessary to create a comfortable working environment in the office.

Determine the new office layout

Do not forget to include in your checklist template for office relocation that you need to think over the layout of the new office. This is partly worth considering depending on the number of employees. Also pay attention to their preferences. You can listen to their suggestions on how to place furniture and decor items.

Desks needed

When compiling a checklist template for office relocation, it should be borne in mind that tables must be installed in the office. They are needed on the very first day after moving. Be sure to select and buy them in advance.

Common areas

To keep employees comfortable in the office, you should set up common areas where they can relax or conduct briefings.


Of course, equipment is an important part of any office. Think about what kind of equipment you plan to install in the office, whether there is room for it in the new premises.

Organization of different departments in the building

If you own a large enterprise, then you should consider the organization of all its departments. Write down all the departments of the company that are in the old building and think about how they can be located in the new one.

Style/brand of the office

If you plan on the last day, then there is a risk that the office will be decorated in different styles and will not meet your expectations. Try to find information on trendy office styles and make your new office look nice and cozy. The best idea is to buy all the furniture from one brand.

Inventory usable furniture from old office

If you change the office address, this does not mean that you have to get rid of all the old things. Enter in your checklist template for office relocation the things you need and you already have them in stock. This will help you save money.

Purchase new furniture if needed

If the accessories you already have are not enough for you, then you need to buy a new one. Write down what you are missing for your new office.

Office Relocation Checklist: Technology and Data is sacred

In addition to material items, professional movers Dallas recommend that you take care of digital provisioning.

Complete an assessment of the entire IT infrastructure at the original office

To have an idea of what equipment you need to buy, you should evaluate the infrastructure in the office before moving. 


Find out if the office has the equipment you need to work. If so, then you do not need to bring your own equipment. If not, you can either bring your own or buy the new one.

Power sources

Make sure the new office has sufficient power supplies. If there are few of them, then before moving you should discuss with the landlord the conditions for placing new outlets.


In the office, you will definitely install computers, air conditioners and other equipment. To successfully connect all the equipment, it is worthwhile to lay the cables in advance.


Your checklist template for office relocation should also include the office server installation. This will help you organize fast office work.

Backup any important files or data before the relocation

If you have data that you need to save, be sure to back it up.

Develop a plan for the new office location

To move to a new office comfortably, you should draw up an office layout plan.

What equipment do we need

Take a look around the old office and decide what equipment you need in the new one.

Power sources?

Power sources can be wall outlets, extension cords, etc. You can see how many there are in your old office.


Cables are required to connect all equipment to a power source.


Servers allow you to organize work in the office, make it fast and well-coordinated.

Recommendations for it specialists

Dallas movers recommend paying attention to all the details listed above. This is the only way to make the move comfortable!

Business Operations in Checklist template for office relocation

Not a single checklist template for office relocation can do without describing business operations.

Appoint a relocation committee

First of all, you must notify the employees who will be directly involved in the move.

Set a timeline for committee members and executives to individually relocate to the new location

Without a timetable, your move can be a mess. The expert moving Dallas company advises you to make a clear plan.

Develop a timeline of the relocation

The relocation timeline will allow you to strictly follow the plan.

Create a new seating and layout chart

This is important because the workers must know where their place will be.

Create a protocol for moving confidential and important data, equipment, etc

Remember to track the movement of important information.

Checklist template for office relocation: inventory the damages to the space after moving out

After moving, you should immediately write down what was damaged.

Identify and inventory the old space

Describe what the old office looked like.


Examine fittings and space for damage.


Check the condition of the furniture.


Do not forget to fill in the electricity information in the checklist template for office relocation.

Cables, Etc

Check if all cables are present.

Cancel services like utilities, electricity, internet, etc

Disconnect all power supplies and the internet.

Remove company signage and branding

If there are signs of your company left in the office, then remove them.

Hire and schedule a cleaning services

Before moving, you need to completely clean the office.

Return building keys, passwords, etc to the landlord or new owner

Do not forget to return all keys from each office.

How you communicate to employees about the office relocation should be very different than how you let the press know about your move

You are used to telling everyone about the move, but the presentation of this news should be different.

Internal announcement to employees

Be sure to inform employees within the company about this.

Relocation letters to impacted employees

Those employees who do not visit the office should also learn about the move.

Layoff letters to impacted employees

If employees do not agree with the new company policy, then it is necessary to agree on dismissals.

External announcement to vendors, clients, government, and press

After that, it is necessary to inform external sources about the move.

Update company information wherever it is listed with new information

Our moving Dallas company recommends to quickly change all information about the company on the internet.

To be prepared to offer some or all of your employees relocation offers or severance packages

It should be understood that employees are not required to agree to a move just like that. You can give them any compensation. Put it in the checklist template for office relocation so you won’t forget.

Our relocation letter template

If you are moving an office, you must inform the employees in a letter.

Our layoff letter template

Attach a resignation sheet to your letter because someone might need it.

If Your organization will be subject to the WARN Act

In this case, you must notify all employees of the move at least 60 days before the move.

What is the WARN Act

This is an act intended for large companies. It regulates relations in the field of notifying employees about changes in working conditions by the administration.

You can see if you will be impacted by the WARN Act

To find out if this act applies to your company, you can read information about it on the internet.

Make sure that your business has a solid Checklist template for office relocation

Without the checklist template for office relocation, you will not be able to move. Of course, you can use the office relocation service, but you should have an action plan that will help you and the company. 

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We have told you a lot of useful information on how to correctly compile a checklist template for office relocation, and now it’s time for reviews!

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