Moving During COVID-19

Moving During COVID-19

Moving during COVID-19 becomes difficult for most people. Because no one knows where the threat lies. It is no longer a secret that the virus spread quite widely throughout the planet. Countries around the world are fighting a serious enemy. Fortunately, the 21st century is a time of phenomenal development of medicine and high technology. Doctors of all levels help sick people of all ages. All of us must be proud of the hard medical staff. After all, it is not our main defenders in the fight against the epidemic.

In addition, each person can also protect themselves and loved ones from infection. All you need is to observe basic hygiene rules. First of all, wash your hands more often and do wet cleaning at home. Thus, microbes and bacteria in the house will be less. In addition, on the recommendation of the government, it is better to stay home. Eliminate interaction with other people and reduce the number of exits to the street. This is the only way to protect yourself and reduce the risks of getting infected.

As you can see, the number of closed companies is increasing. Because not every business can withstand such conditions. In any case, the situation will soon improve. By the way, our moving company continues to work as usual. Therefore, if you already have plans for moving, then do not be afraid to do it now. Of course, you can worry if the game is worth the candle.

We assure you that there is no need to postpone the move. Because we know how to make it safe. By the way, our expert will be able to answer your questions, if you have any. Write to him and find out everything in detail

Moving Is Essential Service

Moving during COVID-19 is still a necessary service. As you know, 80% of people in the USA rent houses and apartments. And the amount of rent is always quite high. Unfortunately, today is a difficult time for every family. Someone had problems with work. And someone no longer has the necessary amount of money to pay for the house. For this reason, families are looking for other housing options. To be able to save a little. In any case, professional assistance is required to relocate. Especially in the current conditions that the world dictates.

Our company is ready to help every family in difficult times. If you have children or elderly people, it is better to warn about this in advance. Because these people are at risk. This is especially true for pensioners over 65 years of age. As a rule, their health is not so good. Therefore, their immunity may not cope with the development of the disease. Let moving Dallas engage younger and healthier family members. In this case, be sure to observe protective precautions.

If you do not follow them, then you yourself can become infected with the virus. And then, during contacts, infect your loved ones. Please take this situation very seriously. These are not some whims. The situation with the epidemic is still not going for the better. Therefore, it is best to show maximum accuracy and attention.

How else can you maintain your health and not take risks? Next, we have prepared for you a list of measures that will help you feel comfortable during the move. When working with us, you can be 100% sure that the move will pass without any problems. Because our team works as clearly and responsibly as possible.

Virtual Moving Quotes

Moving during COVID-19 has a number of specifications. First of all, as you said, it is worth observing the rules of personal hygiene. And in addition, limit personal interaction with people. Our company has also created a special service ordering system especially for you. We care about customers. Therefore, we want you to be protected from possible virus infection. Now all operations can be done on the site. We provide turnkey ready-made offers right on the site.

The choice of services is quite large. Therefore, you can go to the site and get acquainted with the entire list of services. Complex relocation, relocation for pregnant women and families with children. You might also be interested in renting trucks or packaging material. You can always order a separate direction in the right amount. Besides, the company has a flexible pricing policy. We always try to provide a service that will be available to families during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

How are Wildcat Movers handling COVID-19 on the move

Many families have pets. Therefore, when moving, it is also important to create comfortable conditions for their movement. Once we wrote about this in the articles of our blog. But during an epidemic, it is even more important to monitor pets. According to the latest data, cats are also carriers of the virus. Therefore, they must be protected from the possibility of infection. Please do not let your pets go outside before moving. Because they can catch the infection.

Moving during COVID-19 must be safe for both humans and animals. It is worth noting that we have strengthened security controls. Therefore, all our customers can not worry. So let’s talk in more detail about moving with animals. First, both you and the animal must have protective equipment. Yes, this may sound a little ridiculous, but you have to provide your cat with a little face mask.

Thus, microbes and bacteria will not be able to penetrate the body of the animal and the cat will be healthy. It is also worth noting that every family wants to protect themselves from all problems, especially health-related ones. We all watch the news and see the sad statistics. People get sick, and some are very hard. And some people are very dismissive of everything that happens in the world.

Someone does not believe in the existence of COVID-19 and laughs about it. However, this is not a mature and childish position. Please be conscious and take care of yourself and the whole family.

Social Distancing 

Many countries have already introduced emergency and quarantine. The United States is no exception. The basic rule is to maintain a social distance. What does it mean? First of all, it is observing the distance between people of 2 meters. This value is the safest so as not to become infected. When working with clients, we are also always at that distance with you.

 No sick movers

Dallas movers only work in healthy condition. We do not allow employees who have at least some signs of a cold to change. Because we value both the staff of the company and our customers.

 No sick clients

Before ordering a service, make sure that you are healthy. In no case should you call loaders if you have a high temperature? Thus, we risk both for ourselves and our employees. In the end, nothing bad will happen if you cancel the order. Moving during COVID-19 will be dangerous for you. So it’s better to transfer the order to another date or cancel it.

 Disinfecting Trucks & Equipment 

Before departure, all trucks and equipment are subject to disinfection. This is one of the main rules of work during the epidemic. So you can be sure that everything will be safe.

How can our clients help

Dear friends, you can also contribute to the work of loaders. Since we care about you, you too may show a little attention to us. Next, we will look at a few rules that will help you to be useful to us during moving during COVID-19.

Social Distancing 

As we said above, it is always worth being at a distance of 2 meters from other people. And you need to do this with everyone: even close friends. Because you cannot know exactly with whom they communicated before you.


Wash everything in the house more often with antimicrobial agents. In supermarkets, a wide selection of these products for every taste and budget. So it is better to buy them and apply them to everyday in-home cleaning.

Open door & windows

Before each mover Dallas arrives, please aerate the room. Leave the window or door open for at least 15 minutes. Fresh air is already a good way to get rid of pathogenic bacteria.

How to book a moving during COVID-19

So, you have the opportunity to order movers right at home. Without leaving our office and in person. Make your choice on the website and pay for the service in a convenient way. And if you have questions, then call a specialist and consult with him. Let moving during COVID-19 be fast and comfortable for your family. When working with a professional team, your move will be the best event in life. Change for the better! Feel safe under any circumstances. And our company will do everything possible to provide you with high-quality service.

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