Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

The Moving Checklist is a list of things to do for your move. Sometimes it seems to us that for a successful move, you just need to pack your things and order a cargo transportation. However, it is not without reason that moving is considered one of the most difficult processes in a person’s life.

That is why do not rush to say that you do not have time to write down points on a piece of paper. In this article we will tell you why you need it and give you advice on how to compile it. 

What is a Moving Checklist

When answering this question, only one thought comes up: this is your key to a successful move. Despite the fact that this is just a simple piece of paper or a note in a smartphone, no one can do without it.

This list includes everything that you plan to do before your move. Many will object to this because planning takes a lot of valuable time. Why plan something when you can get down to business right away? The answer is simple. No one can get down to business right away if they don’t write a detailed plan. 

Why is it needed?

If you still think that this is a waste of time, then we will dispel this myth. It is needed so that you have an idea of your future activities. Remember how often you thought that in the new year you will become more productive and successful? It rarely came true, did it? The point is, dreams cannot come true without awareness and planning.

By writing down your thoughts step by step, you can see the real picture of your desires. For this, you should make a moving checklist.

How do I plan to move out? And what are my moving options?

There are many details to consider when planning your move. First, answer the question about what kind of move you are making and why. Do you want to keep all the attributes of the old apartment? Maybe you want to start life from scratch in a new place?

After this reflection, start making a list. You can write in it everything related to your move. From how many clothes you need to pack to which company of professional movers you plan to go to. 

When should you schedule movers?

You should think carefully about how many things you plan to transport. When you have decided on a new address and an approximate volume of transportation, you can safely contact the company.

You can agree in advance about the day and time of the move with managers  and order a service.

Of course, it is quite difficult to choose a company right away. First, you need to study the websites of various companies and read customer reviews. If you are convinced that the reviews are positive and most of the customers are satisfied with the cooperation, feel free to place an order.

You can plan an organized move

When it comes to moving, thoughts in your head are confused and you don’t have time to follow them. In a second, you think about packing things, about calling a company of movers, about how you need to warn the water suppliers about changing the address…

If you write a moving checklist, you will have peace of mind and can plan your move without anxiety, down to the minute. 

Even if you consider yourself a disorganized person, you can always fix it. Why not start now? Follow our advice and you will achieve maximum productivity.

Tips for Move Planning / Moving Checklist by Professional movers from DFW Moving Company

Relocation planning is a complicated process. To organize this, you must take into account all aspects related to your place of residence and the consequences of changing it. However, it is much easier to do this when there are ready-made tips.

DWF moving company has been professionally engaged in transportation for a long time. We provide you with our advice on organizing your move. We hope you read this article to the end and learn a lot of new information.

If you have any questions about our company and about this topic in general, you can write to an expert in the field of moving.

8 Weeks Before

Buy packing materials for packing things in your apartment. Large boxes are suitable for your convenience. You should also buy plastic bags to protect bed linen from dust, tapes to secure boxes.

In order not to put it off until the last moment, start exploring the websites of moving companies. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the services of our company. You can find them in the “Services” section at the top of the main page of the site.

7 Weeks Before

Think about how many things you plan to take with you. It is possible that you do not use many decorative items or old technique anymore. Try to make a list of things you don’t need and put them up for sale.

When you free the apartment from unnecessary things, you will understand how much easier it will be to move. You will also make sure that all this time you have been surrounded by a lot of rubbish, from which it is high time to get rid of. No wonder people who are experienced in this business say that after each move they have less and less things left.

Unnecessary objects are visual noise for our perception. With a lot of unnecessary things, we constantly experience discomfort and anxiety during our stay at home. Therefore, it is very important to take this step right now and go to a new home with only important things.

6 Weeks Before

Complete your moving checklist with the names of the companies you need to notify about your move. Report this to the place of work, study. Call the delivery services so that they change your address in the database. Warn everyone who needs to know about your place of residence.

5 Weeks Before

After you have familiarized yourself with the services of the moving companies, you can call them to order.

Surely you have found a suitable service for yourself on our website. If you want to order a service from us, then call our phone number. Managers will answer you at any time of the day or night.

4 Weeks Before

One month before moving, you can start packing. Try to do this carefully and not damage your valuable cargo. If you are not confident in your abilities, then contact us. Thanks to our moving Dallas service, all your belongings will be packed into boxes without damage.

Also at this time it is necessary to resolve the issue of paying rent for an apartment or house. Specify all the details of payment for the last month of your stay. This step cannot be postponed until later, as later you may be required to pay monetary compensation.

3 Weeks Before

Understand what food you plan to take to your new home. Disassemble your food cabinets and dispose of unnecessary items. After that, write down to your moving checklist the products that you plan to buy just before you move.

Prepare a pet transport plan. If you need to transport a large animal, then buy a special carriage.

Another important step at this stage is to change the documentation that contains your address.

2 Weeks Before

Keep packing. Remember that it is necessary to arrange them in boxes not in random order, but taking into account their location in the apartment.

Check to see if you have removed any small items from cabinets and shelves. Examine each shelf for items such as watches, rings, bracelets, and more.

1 Week Before

Make sure you book a freight company service. Check your moving checklist and cross out anything you’ve already done. Call the company and make sure employees arrive at the right time.

Positively separate things that you will need on the day of the move. This can be equipment, chargers and clothes in which you will be dressed that day.

After that, do not be too lazy to check everything again. Believe me, it’s better to spend time checking than forgetting something very important.

Day Before

Prepare whatever you need to have with you. Smartphone for communication with movers, apartment documents, chargers, packed things.

Make sure your entire apartment is completely empty. Check all cabinets, drawers, refrigerator. None of your belongings should remain in them.

Moving Day Checklist

Wait until the movers come to you. Before moving, discuss with them everything you have to say about your load. Tell them which boxes contain fragile cargo. Give advice on what things can be put down and not be afraid of damaging them.

If you wrote in your moving checklist any wishes for transportation in advance, then voice them to the employee. Be sure that every Dallas mover in our company will listen to your wishes and will do everything necessary to make the move the way you want it.

Then check your apartment one last time. Look again at all the drawers, the space under the bed, the window sills, the shelves above the bathroom. 

1st Month After

When the move was successful and now you live in a new apartment, it is time to equip a new place of residence. Start unpacking boxes of belongings and placing them on cabinets and shelves in rooms.

It is possible that some of the items do not fit the style of the new apartment. You can sell or donate them to someone.

Give the start of coziness to a new place. Buy various decorative items: candles, diffusers, paintings, figurines. Decorate your home.

Reread the moving checklist compiled earlier. Make sure you call everyone who needs a new address. If you missed something, you can do it now.

Finally, invite your guests! Call your friends and family. Have a housewarming party.

How to order a service from DFW Moving Company in Dallas

We hope this article will be your main guide when planning your move.

Our company provides various moving Dallas services that you have read about on our website. 

If you are interested in our services, you can call us at the number indicated on the website. We are always ready to answer your questions and help organize the move.

We are waiting for your call!

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