DFW Moving Company stands among the best long distance moving companies, being expert in any move across states or even countries. Such relocation is considered the most difficult. Here we explain why. It requires good plan, optimal high level services and perfect process coordination. These 3 factors guarantee successful smooth no-stress move no matter how many kilometers should be crossed.

Intrastate moving

Intrastate moving stands for relocation without crossing any state borders. Contact our experts who help estimating costs, additional services and time gaps. It’s better contacting beforehand, so we plan appropriate truck, movers, materials to fit exactly your situation.

Long distance movers: Interstate movers

If person is changing home within one country, but between different states, this type of relocation is called interstate. It’s usually more complicated because there are number of federal / state laws. In case of such situation better contact expert manager at least 2-3 months before, as some procedures one can carry out on preparation stage.

International movers

If you are facing such type of moving, contact us now. This case is absolutely individual depending on your situation. Remember mentioning all details about your plans, documents, desires so specialist can give you optimal solution with optimal quote.

Long distance moving: Getting ready in 5 steps

When one speaks about distance moving, clients seem being nervous, not knowing from what point they’d start. Should they collect their household items in boxes or in packets? Is it cheaper buying new appliances rather than taking old? How much time should one take for all preparations?

We summarized all questions getting this easy-to-operate checklist prepared.

Step # 1. Before calling coordination manager

We suggest answering these questions before making a call.

  • Move Date (helps scheduling correct date)
  • Move Place (to count kilometers planning correct truck)
  • Approximate belongings number (for future move plan)
  • Packing material or other extra services needed (this helps making plan complete)

Step # 2. Scheduling a date

Now having your personal helper, you can schedule a move date. Pay attention, that it’d be absolutely comfortable for you and your family. Also we suggest keeping updated with coordination manager if you have any changes, as a certain truck is planned specially for your individual case.

Step # 3. Checking personal documents

Check thoroughly all documents. Better keep all necessary documents in one place so it’ll be easy to reach them when needed.

Step # 4. Dealing with household belongings

Probably this step is the most difficult. Classify all your belongings into several groups. There will be items you no longer use. Donate or sell them, keeping in mind time gapes.

Items which should be moved to new place should be divided into groups, which will help you making moving more efficient. Make separate group for fragile / bulky things.

After having prepared item list, discuss with manager packing materials.

Step # 5.Think about pets

If one have pets, think how to deal with them, because moving is usually stressful for our animals. Leave them with relatives or friend during this short period or hire special services which are working with animals.

Door-to-door service

Considering exceptional difficulty of any relocation we provide special service, which includes TOTAL home relocation from old place to new place. To get full quote contact our specialists. Our offices are located in Dallas, Miami, San Jose.

Make your move fast with us by simply calling +1 (469) 901-4871!