Appliance Movers and Appliance Moving from your old home is hard work… One needs to know many technical features together with being careful keeping everything safe.

Some people choose relocating appliances by themselves, but is it worth time, efforts, energy and price? Well, better think twice. Of course bringing old technique is beneficial:

  • Save money. Don’t go shopping
  • Save time. Don’t wait for delivery of new appliance
  • Make life easier. Start using everything in new place right away

However, transporting small or large appliances can be challenging even for professional companies. Here it’s important to mention some aspect which will be helpful.

Special appliance movers

DFW Moving Company movers are specially trained. They deal with difficult heavy technique like:

  • Fridges
  • Washing machines
  • Drying machines
  • Dishwashers

Each of them contains complex elements which require special care. Process contains packing your appliance, transporting to truck with required instruments, loading into truck and fixing inside, safe transportation at low speed, unloading at new house plus installing it where you need.

We usually pay attention that the longer the trip, the more accurate we prepare for it. Professional coordinators estimate the best packing, fixing elements, even optimal truck which will make delivery safe and smooth.

Can I move by myself?

Of course it’s possible doing everything by yourself. But… Remember, that’s rather risky to move heavy appliances, as one can easily get injured or break something. You might even break something in your old house… Would you like solving this problem? Better hire licensed professionals who will do all heavy work.

If you want to save time and money, make some preparations for your appliances making them transportation-ready.

Refrigerator mover by Appliance Movers DFW

Before move, fridge should be defrosted. Unplug fridge 24h before. You can prepare fridge for transportation by performing following actions:

  • Take away products
  • Clean inside / outside
  • Take away inner shelves, pack them separately

Movers make transportation of fridge very carefully ensuring its upright position. They use special box + tape putting it into a special trolley. Fridge transportation is complicated, that’s why we take special care about it.

Washer / dryer mover

Dealing with washing / drying machines is easy! Professional movers knows unplugging, installation process, working with all types of technique. Clients usually specify their marks while making order. Sometimes there are details we check beforehand dealing with Bosch or LG. As the surfaces are fragile, our professionals use special covering pads. After bringing appliance to new home our specialists make installation, ensure everything’s working correctly.

Dishwasher mover

One can prepare dishwasher for transportation by taking dishes out drying inside area. Movers will do other work. They will disconnect appliance, pack small details labeling them.

TOP 4 benefits of our service

These are 4 strong benefits among other companies in Dallas, Miami, San Jose:

  • We perform different type of moving
  • Movers have high qualification. They know how to work with appliances
  • We provide assembling / dissembling equipment
  • Company has license, insurance

Should we mention that our rates are the most affordable, they include discounts and bonuses? Call us, get your personal quote now!

Your best safe service now

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