Top 8 tips on packing services up a kitchen to avoid damage when moving home

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Everyone knows moving is one of the most stressful events in life. Packing up your home caused a lot of this stress due to the sheer volume of work. However, the good news is that if you get the packing right at the beginning, the unpacking process at the new place will be much easier and less stressful. Find below 8 tips that will make the whole process a lot easier!

  1.  Make sure you label the boxes clearly so that you can unpack efficiently and know what exactly is in each box. Make sure that any liquids, such as wine bottles and fancy olive oils, get packed the right way up to prevent leaks.
  2. Wrap all the crockery and delicate items in packing paper to prevent the items from knocking against each other and causing damage.
  3. Use professional packing equipment including custom boxes with foam inserts and cell packs to keep delicate stemware from breaking. Your removalist can help to source these items.
  4. Don’t over pack kitchen boxes, as crockery and kitchen appliances can be heavy. Heavy boxes can break when being moved and might damage your favourite kitchen items. You can place additional packing paper or lighter, fabric items like towels or linens within the box to keep things secure in transit.
  5. Use professional removalists. Choosing the right removalists can ensure that the house is packed up quickly and the boxes stay organised in transit. No one wants to spend the first night in their new home looking for spoons.
  6. Take the opportunity to decide what won’t make the move. It’s easy to accumulate items at the back of a kitchen cupboard and forget they are there, including rarely used appliances or out of date food. Moving home is a good time to take stock and weed out any items you don’t use or don’t want to keep. By streamlining the move it’s easier to ensure everything is treated with care and minimise the risk of breakages.
  7. Stack large bowls and pots within each other, in order to conserve space and keep items as secure as possible in transit.
  8. If you are packing appliances consider how to best wrap or store the parts of each appliance in the box, to prevent movement and damage in transit. Cell packs (air packs) can help to cushion small areas inside items like blenders to create stability.

Following these simple tips will help to make the process of moving home much easier and less stressful.