Plants moving checklist

Plants moving checklist

Plants moving checklist is what you need if you are planning to move and bring houseplants and flowers with you. Many people love to grow flowers because it calms the nerves and decorates the apartment. But when it comes to transporting plants to another area or even a city, they panic and do not know how to make plants moving.

In this article, we will tell you how not to damage plants during transportation and give you some tips to help you cope with this task faster and easier. Also read this article to the end to see customer reviews of our company!

What is plant relocation services from DFW Moving Company

Before we start discussing the plant relocation checklist Dallas, it is worth mentioning what our company does. We’ve been helping Texas residents to relocate for several years now. Everyday we receive orders from people from different cities who are planning to move to another area or even a city.

We do our best to make your move fast and comfortable, so we try to develop different areas of our work. One of these areas is the transportation of plants. This is a rather complex process that requires a lot of attention and effort, so we recommend that you contact the professionals.

Besides the fact that we can help you with home flowers, our company is a garden plant moving company too. You can contact us for help with moving with any plants!

Frequently Asked Questions about plant moving services

On social networks, we constantly receive questions from you related to the transportation of plants. We are glad to answer now!

Is it difficult to transport flowers?

This question is asked by many people. Of course, this is not an easy task, but it all depends on the number of plants and their fragility. Of course, if you have one or two flowers, then it will not be difficult for you. However, if you like to grow a lot of flowers and shrubs at home, then you should contact a house plant moving company for help.

Can I pack and load plants on the truck by myself?

Of course, you have the right to choose how you will move. If you have few plants in your house and you are not afraid that you may damage them, then of course you can do this without outside help. However, if you have a lot of fragile plants, then we advise you to contact Dallas movers for help.

They are professional in packing and loading boxes onto trucks. Therefore, this way you can not be afraid for the safety of your plants.

How should I arrange transportation?

We are glad that you are interested in this, because without a clear plan, you can make gross mistakes. To make the move faster and safer, you should act according to the plants moving checklist. You are lucky to visit our website because in this article we will tell you about it in great detail. Just follow our advice and you will succeed!

Why choose a DFW Moving Company

If you doubt the success of your self-relocation, then ordering plant relocation services is the best solution. Our moving company offers a wide range of services, including the delivery of indoor flowers in Dallas and other cities in Texas. Such help will be required if:

  • you need long distance transportation. On a long journey, you may come across an uneven section of the road that only a professional driver can successfully handle. If you need to move to another city, then you should turn to professionals;
  • a large number of domestic plants need to be delivered to a new place. As stated above, you can handle transporting a small number of plants. But if there are a lot of them and they are fragile, then you will need qualified assistance;
  • the move takes place in the winter. This is relevant now because winter is already coming and the weather is rather cold and not the best for moving;
  • you do not have a car to transport things In this case, a professional moving Dallas is absolutely necessary for you.

Moving plants in cold weather requires special conditions. In this case, in order to comply with the temperature regime, the company will provide a refrigerator, where heat and humidity are regulated using special equipment.

Plants moving checklist: top tips by expert moving Dallas

We have prepared some useful tips for transporting plants for you. Read our plant relocation checklist TX Dallas to the end! 

Preparing plants for moving

The plant relocation checklist should start with preparation. This is the most important step in the moving process.

We recommend that you proceed as follows: purchase cardboard boxes for transportation. The ideal option is, of course, such containers that will fit the size of the pots, that is, you will place one flower in one container. But even if you have to put 2-3 plants in each package, then you should not be upset! You just need to put a seal between them, which will not allow them to come into contact. Crumpled paper, soft fabric, and foam rubber can play this role.

Further, a couple of days before the move, watering the plants should be stopped. This is to ensure that the potted soil is firm enough. Thus, you can be sure of the safety of the roots even after driving on uneven roads, because unlike wet soil, dry soil will not fall out of containers so easily.

There is a lot of work ahead of you just before you move. First, the plants should be packed in plant moving boxes. Branches and stems that can be easily damaged during transport should be carefully wrapped in paper or plastic bags. (Of course, it is best to use bubble wrap, but if you can’t get one, then the two previously mentioned materials will also work.)

Then place the flower containers in the cardboard boxes. If the plants are small enough and completely fit in the container, then it should be tightly closed and pasted over with tape. On the side, you need to cut as many small holes as possible, this will allow your plant to breathe. Many flowers, however, cannot be placed whole in the box because long stems or branches will remain outside. Then just do not close the box from above, but remember that such copies will need to be installed in the car last.

Moving process

At this stage, the preparation can be considered completed. But now it is the turn of the transportation. This is the hardest part of the plants moving checklist. First, let’s say a few words about transport. The stuffy trunk of a car is absolutely not suitable for indoor plants, so it is better not to use it. A special truck should be ordered from a house plant moving company with a lot of fixing belts and, if possible, with windows to periodically ventilate the body. Such a machine would be much better suited for transporting flowers.

When the car you ordered from a plant moving company is already under the window, you need to load boxes with indoor plants into it. It is best, of course, to transport them separately from all other property, but we understand that this is often unrealistic. Therefore, use at least the following advice. Install flowers in the body last. In addition, make sure that there are no heavy objects nearby that could fall and thus damage the houseplants. You should also securely fix the boxes. They should not move while driving. If you are worried that you are doing something wrong, then you can turn to professional movers Dallas for help.

Now you can hit the road! The plants moving checklist is coming to an end. It would seem that at the stage of transportation itself, little depends on you. But actually it is not. After all, it is in your power to ask the driver to be as careful as possible, choose a route with the most even roads and make sure that periodically, in the event of a long journey, the car stops and your flowers receive a portion of fresh air.

After moving

Finally, the plants are delivered to their destination. Now you need to carefully bring them into the house and unpack them. Then they should be watered, and you should not do this with cool water. Biologists have found that plants tolerate a warm shower (25-30 degrees) best after a stressful move. After that, carefully remove the leaves and stems damaged during transportation. Now all that remains is to arrange the pots in their places, and in a few days you will see that the precious flora is again ready to delight you with its blooming appearance.

Company reviews by plants moving services

We several times advised you to contact our company for help, but all these are just empty words. In order for you to be convinced of our good faith and decide to cooperate with us, we provide you with reviews of our clients.

Elana B., 44, Dallas, TX

I recently needed to move to another area. The problem arose because I have a lot of flowers and shrubs in my house. I could not find a suitable plants moving checklist on the Internet, so I decided to use the services of a professional company.

The manager answered all my questions and agreed with me on the date of the move. The movers arrived on time and helped me pack the plants. Thanks a lot!

Matthias S., 31, Dallas, TX

I move a lot but I always do it on my own because I have quite a few things. But last month my parents needed a move. My mom really loves growing houseplants, so this decision was very stressful for her. Friends advised me to contact DFW Moving Company.

I am glad that I worked with this company because it fulfilled its task perfectly. Not a single plant was damaged during the move. Thanks. If I move then I will definitely call you again.

How to order services by professional movers Dallas

To order plant moving services and expert moving Dallas in our company, you can call the phone number that is listed on our website or write to us on social networks. We are waiting for your call!If you have any questions, you can write to the expert. He is always happy to help you!