What is Electronics Moving? Preparing for moving campaign is far not so easy, you should be especially careful with valuable objects like TVs, Computers, home stereo systems, printers. It’s important keeping them correctly unplugged & packed, so all items can be carefully transported. We have prepared some useful information, how to make your relocation safe & stress free. Before start reading our experienced TIPs, remember, that DWF Moving Company is always ready to help you with any electronics moving, however difficult it might be! Our movers are highly experienced in moving electronics.

Electronics Moving: Safety rules

Getting ready dealing with electronic objects, keep in mind, that’s very dangerous process, you can easily get injured or damage something. That’s why follow these easy safety rules:




Electronics Moving: Top 5 PRO TIPS

There’re some easy-to-operate TIPS, which will help you getting prepared for the most difficult part of relocation process.

  1. Make it ready to move

Firstly, take batteries off, collecting them in one box. Label accordingly. Eject CDs, DVDs, other portable items of this kind. Carefully label them and put in separate box.

  1. Make cable labeling

This tip is very useful, as it will help to install devices right after arrival. Use colored stickers, around 5-10 will be enough and black pen. Before unplugging any of devices, put color sticker on cables and the same ones on cable socket. Put white sticker, write what it is for (TV input/TV output). Put all cables together in secure bag, labeling them accordingly.

  1. Avoid relocating items by your self

As we wrote before, try avoiding extra move. Better, discuss this issue with your personal coordinator. Mention, how many items you have, if any lifting or packing services are additionally needed.

  1. Unplug electronics beforehand

It is highly recommended unplugging computers, printers, as well as other objects beforehand. The optimal time is having objects unplugged at least 2-3 days before move.

  1. Prepare user manuals

Somehow, people always forget about this easy tip! If one will need information during relocation, one can fast check every single detail. Download some manuals, if one doesn’t have any.

Packing different electronic devices

When one faces process of packing, one can feel nervous and lost, not knowing from what to start. No more problems! There’re basically 3 types of Electronics, which we are working with:

  • Small, keyboard, mouse, kettle, toaster, etc.
  • Medium, computer, printer, scanner, etc.
  • Abnormal & complex, TV, house acoustic system, complex kitchen electrics.

Small devices

Find portable boxes to pack all small electronics, like mobile phones, wall clocks, kettles, etc. Better if you will use original boxes, putting some material inside the box ensuring total secure.

Medium devices

Medium objects, like PC, portable printers and scanners can be manually wrapped and packed. Use special packing materials like bubble wrap. Usually our skilled movers use special smooth covers ensuring 100% safe transportation.

Abnormal & Complex devices

Complex object, like Plasma TV, Flat-screen monitors, etc. are especially difficult for transportation. It’s recommended not to try moving them by your own, as there are many peculiarities one should follow. For example, plasma TVs should always be shipped in upright position.

Electronics Moving: The best moving company & Professional movers

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