Dallas moving checklist 10 tips for home moving in spring

Dallas moving checklist 10 tips for home moving in spring

10 tips for home moving in spring — this is what you will definitely need in the next two months. Apartment or office moving is a very complex and multifaceted process, and therefore it is not surprising that many questions arise during its organization. Many, for example, are thinking about which car to choose for transporting property. Others don’t know what to pack their things in, while others worry about getting tangled up in a huge number of boxes upon arrival at a new apartment.

However, long before all these difficulties arise, people begin to worry about another question: what time of year is best for moving?

In autumn and spring, it rains almost every day, in winter it is dangerous to travel on roads due to ice, and in summer it is very hot, and therefore both you and your employees will quickly get tired. And this, in turn, can lead to unpleasant consequences (mirrors broken by negligence, damaged appliances, broken furniture, etc.).

In this article, we will tell you why spring is the best time of the year to move and give you professional advice from the experts at DFW moving.

Is spring the best time to move

Spring is always a time of change, renewal and striving for something new. I think everyone will agree with us that moving in spring is also better. With the onset of March, life wakes up in nature and energy flows grow in man. People are attracted by novelty and the desire to fulfill their dream.

And purely practical, in the spring it is easier to collect things, easier to load them and more convenient to transport.

The search for new real estate options is also better to start in the spring. Most people’s plans converge, migration begins, and then more objects for sale enter the sales market.

In resort areas, it is especially good to buy property in spring or summer. Why? In non-tourist times, it is easier to rent temporary housing for yourself to search for a dream home, since the cost of rent is low, and there are many options prepared for the popular season.

Нome moving in spring: your perfect checklist

1. Assess the scale of the issue and plan how to move

Like many, you would like to do it all at once, but this is unlikely to happen if you are moving on your own. Usually everyone thinks that it is easy in the spring due to the weather, but still there are some difficulties. Therefore, it will be easier to act in several stages. Before you learn all 10 tips for home moving in spring, you need to consider this point.

First, it is better to move all the furniture: sofas, cabinets, tables, chairs, chests of drawers. On the second flight, transport household appliances: a washing machine, dishwasher, TV, etc., and boxes with clothes, books, dishes, household items, etc. Then make the third move. Transport home furnishings and household items: hangers, cornices, paintings, carpets, etc.

2. Sort things

They need to be divided into rooms. Collect separately things in each room: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway. Do not forget about the balcony and storage room, if any. For boxes of each zone, use markers of a certain color, so you will definitely not get confused when unloading. You can put things that you do not need yet away. For example, this applies to winter clothing. You don’t need it before summer. Home moving in spring is much more convenient because you can go outside without warm clothes.

3. Pack a box of essentials

The list of 10 tips for home moving in spring continues. After all the work is done, on the same evening you will need slippers, a toothbrush, soap, a towel, cosmetics, sleepwear, bed linen, and so on. Put everything in a separate bag. It will not be superfluous to put a pack of wet wipes, a bottle of water and, most importantly in our time, a phone charger in the same bag.

Also, in the spring, tips for moving include an umbrella, because at this time of the year it rains quite often. We will talk about this in the next paragraph.

4. Truck Loading Plan

It is best if you make a plan for arranging furniture and large items in advance. Movers in Dallas recommend writing a loading and unloading plan. This is done very simply: the very first it is better to load boxes with clothes, books, chairs and everything that does not break and does not require special transportation conditions.

Last but not least are large cabinets (when unloading, they will just be the first), boxes with fragile things and indoor plants. You will unload all this first of all and immediately put it in a safe place. Large furniture is also convenient to immediately unload and put in its place (that’s what you will draw in the plan), so that it does not get up at the last moment in the middle of the hallway.

5. Don’t Forget the Rain

It is not enough to know how to prepare for moving, because even with serious preparation, you can expect trouble from the weather. It often rains in the spring and therefore the process of moving can be difficult. Check the weather forecast in advance and plan to transport things on a sunny day.

6. Better not be self-employed, but hire a truck and movers

Even if you have a big car, and even if you are a master of sports in powerlifting, you do not need a damaged car interior and, moreover, an injured back. Feel free to order a moving service and you will get a quick and cheap move, if compared with an independent one (at least count the cost of gasoline). In the meantime, we continue our list of 10 tips for home moving in spring.

7. Call the moving company as early as possible

When we decided that the best way of the home move is to order professional services and a truck, it is worth considering that during the spring and summer season, most people who want to move do this. Consequently, there will be a large queue in companies and all dates may be busy. Try to think ahead and ask for help right now. In the meantime, we are ready to announce the last three points from the list of 10 tips for home moving in spring.

8. Take care of your health if you have allergies

Our moving checklist cannot contain only advice on the move itself. In the spring, many people develop allergies as flowers and trees bloom and this is not a great time for everyone. Make sure that you have the necessary medicines for this period so that you do not have problems during your moving house.

9. Move safely while your kids are at school

Many people prefer to move in the summer, but there is one problem with this. In summer, children have holidays and they are at home most of the time. Dallas movers advise you to complete this process before the holidays start so you can spend the summer with your kids and go on vacation.

10. Walk around the new area before moving

Since you will soon be living in a new area for you, you should explore it. Therefore, when you have already ordered Dallas moving services, you can devote at least one evening to a walk around the evening city. Spring is the perfect time for this! Enjoy the warm weather while you move.

10 tips for home moving in spring: reviews by our clients

To prove to you our conscientiousness and responsible attitude to work, we have collected several reviews for you. Read them and decide if you want to contact us for help.

Korben S., 29, Dallas, TX

Hello! I rarely write reviews but today is a special occasion. I contacted this company a few months ago because I was planning to move in April. I was afraid that all the dates would be taken. Indeed, a lot of people apply to this company. But I managed to order the services of movers and agreed for April. The guys arrived at the appointed time and did everything quickly. Thanks a lot!

Norah M., 34, Dallas, TX

I didn’t use professional relocation services before, but now I’ve moved too often. It’s pretty hard to do everything by yourself. I decided that I would spend a lot of time packing things, so I left it to the experts. I am very glad that I applied to this company. Thank you!

Garfield S., 26, Dallas, TX

This is not the first time I have contacted this company for help with the move. Last time they helped me move my office furniture, and now it has come to my house. Service is top notch as always. I hope that I can still cooperate with you. You motivate me to change my life.

Charlie B., 37, Dallas, TX

Recently, my parents decided to move to an area closer to me. I work a lot and can’t arrange their move so I called this company. Thank you for taking care of all the requests of my parents and taking into account all the details.

Marlie M., 27, Dallas, TX

I was going to move for a long time but could not decide on it. I read various articles on the Internet and accidentally came across the website of this company. I liked the customer reviews and I thought it would be a good idea to apply here. What a blessing that I was not mistaken. The movers did a great job.

Moving calculator: plan your move in spring

After you have learned 10 tips for home moving in spring Dallas and read reviews from our clients, it’s time to decide how you will organize your move. 

As a rule, people think that ordering services from a professional company is expensive. However, we are ready to dispel this myth. In order to calculate the real cost of moving, you need to go to our website and open the moving calculator.

There you can enter all the necessary data and find out how much your move will cost, depending on the travel distance, number of things and date. We recommend doing this in advance so that you can save money for it right away.

DFW Moving Company: how to order a service

Today we have shared with you 10 tips for home moving in spring and presented you with our customers’ feedback on the company’s work. We want to believe that you are now ready to move in in the spring.

To order the services of professional movers from DFW moving company, you need to go to our website. We hope this article helped you decide to call the company as soon as possible and arrange your move.

If you have any other questions, then ask our expert. He will gladly tell you all the details.