Checklist pro for moving during time for Christmas and New Year

Checklist pro for moving during  time for Christmas and New Year

Moving during Christmas is probably a strange decision because at this time we are all used to preparing for the holiday. But despite the fact that few people choose such a solution, you can find many advantages in this. Moreover, everyone wants to make themselves a good present for the New Year and holiday move can become one of them.

In this article we will tell you how to save on moving in winter and why you should fulfill your dream just now and not put it off until better times.

More families move during the fall and winter seasons than we realize

It seems to many that moving at Christmas time is difficult and rarely does anyone decide to take this step. However, it is worth noting that a fairly large number of people move in the winter because in many ways it is more convenient. Those people who prefer to move in winter highlight the following advantages of the season:

  • Speed. In the cold, movers cut back on smoke breaks and rest, devoting all their time to carrying boxes. This can speed up the process by several hours;
  • Price. As a rule, most people use the services of Dallas movers in the summer, so in the winter the cost is several times lower;
  • Small number of orders. You have a high probability of taking the cleanest and most comfortable car without overpaying, because all the company’s trucks are free.

In addition, there is not always a convenient path to the house, so sometimes it is easier to carry a piano or refrigerator on snow or ice than carrying them on straps or scratching the bottom on the asphalt.

Consequently, many more families than you think prefer moving during Christmas. For many, this is a good reason to save money and make a great gift for themselves.

Оrganize your move in a calendar

To be most successful, you should create a calendar move. This is important because in addition to this task, you probably still have a lot of things to do before the holidays. It could be about your job, family, or something else. If you write down all the actions by day, then you will be able to follow a clear moving plan and have time to do everything necessary.

Plan for moving during  time for Christmas and New Year

For the most comfortable move, you need to start leading a moving planner. There you can register all the points that you must implement.

First of all, you need to prepare the place where you plan to move. First, you should evaluate the new place, its ability to accommodate all your belongings and favorite furniture. If you are moving to a new apartment of your own, then make sure that the renovation is already completely finished, draw an exact plan for the arrangement of furniture and take all measurements.

If this is a rented accommodation, then check with the landlords about the furniture. It is possible that the furniture should not be touched, and then your precious antique chest of drawers will have to be left somewhere in storage.

What if it’s a fully equipped apartment with all furniture and appliances? In this case, feel free to get rid of your cabinets and carpets, you can sell them or give them to your friends. Your moving checklist will be much smaller and easier.

Be sure to measure doorways, corners and do not forget to inspect the entrance for the possibility of transporting bulky items. It is better to take the time ahead of time than to figure out in the process that you will have to lift the piano to a high floor without an elevator.

Moving Budget

Thinking about Moving Budget often scares a lot of people because they feel like they have to spend a lot of money on moving. Not only do you need to buy materials, but the services of many companies are very expensive.

If you decide to contact our company for help, then you can use the moving budget calculator on our website. This will allow you to calculate the exact cost of your move, depending on the distance, volume of cargo and the planned date.

Choosing a professional Moving Company

Should you seek help from a professional moving company? Now there are many companies doing turnkey relocation. If you decide to turn to professionals for help, then you just have to pack your things, and the packing, furniture assembly, transportation and unloading rest on their shoulders.

However, not everyone is ready to entrust such a responsible business to strangers and not everyone is ready to pay a rather large sum for it. In general, the time has come to decide at what stage you involve third-party specialists: at the stage of furniture assembly, at the stage of loading or, in fact, transportation. If you decide to do everything yourself, then immediately draw up a moving process checklist and proceed with actions.

If you want to ask for help, then find the contacts of the movers in advance and choose a moving company, because then you will definitely not have time. Please note that it is better to find movers and drivers officially, because in case of their negligence, you can collect funds for a broken vase or a damaged table only if you have the appropriate papers, that is, an agreement that defines their areas of responsibility.

We recommend that you contact our company because we have professional movers Dallas who are ready to guarantee you a quick and high-quality move. Thanks to our experts, you can not worry about the safety of even the most fragile cargo.

Donation of unnecessary things

Moving during New Year is a great opportunity to finally get rid of everything unnecessary, from everything that you have not used even once in the last year, took up space and is obsolete. After all, there is no point in dragging all this along with you into a new life.

We are talking not only about wardrobe items, but also about furniture, household appliances, and decor items. Turn on your favorite music louder and with a clear conscience say goodbye to things that will never be useful to you again, and which have no place in your new home.

Plan for packing

The most critical step in writing a self moving checklist is detailed planning. At this point, you need to determine whether you are transporting all things in one day, or will you be transporting them gradually, a couple of boxes a day. Make a clear plan of action: what for what you will take out, which of the things will stay with you until the last, what things will you need in your new apartment in the first place.

Choose your essentials and think about how you will label the boxes so that you can easily deal with them upon arrival. Also estimate the number of boxes and packing materials required. Please select a transportation time. Of course, it is better to perform this feat in the early morning of the weekend, because there are fewer traffic jams on the roads, and there will be time to unpack.

Also, do not forget to resolve the issue with a professional moving company in advance. This is important because if you postpone it until later, then you may not have time to order the service.

Pack some but not all holiday decorations

Moving during Christmas suggests that you are surrounded by a festive atmosphere and want to buy as many decorations as possible for your new home. You probably have a lot of decor items left from last year. In this case, you should find them and get rid of some of the unnecessary.

Of course, you can put some decorations in boxes to place them in a new home, then you hardly want to carry out your moving holiday, taking into account the transportation of all kinds of trash to a new place.

Moving during Christmas and New Year: Unexpected moving expenses

Moving over the holidays is inconvenient because during this time you may have unexpected large costs. This is because you are spending money on moving materials while buying gifts and decor for friends and family. To prevent this from happening, you need to carefully consider your budget and order an inexpensive expert moving Dallas.

Buy moving supplies during holiday sales

Moving while Christmas gives you the opportunity to buy all the materials you need at a lower price. This is a great advantage of winter moving because you can save not only on ordering moving Dallas services, but also boxes and other packing materials.

Rules during a holiday move: how not to disturb the professionals

We understand that you want to deal with the moving during Christmas process as soon as possible and have time to do everything necessary. Customers always want to get everything at once.

However, DFW Moving Company employees deserve a break during the holidays and will not be able to answer your calls all the time. Try not to disturb the company representatives at least on the day of the holiday and show respect for them during the holidays. This is important because everyone deserves a break.

Unpacking things after moving and cleaning

Packing holiday checklist ends with unloading and unpacking things. Unloading things should be carried out under your strict guidance: only you decide what to put in a new apartment. It will be more convenient if you allocate one room for things and furniture. This will make it easier for you to move around and put everything in its place. Also try to immediately group the boxes by purpose.

First, unpack the essentials (bedding, bathroom items and utensils). Next, try as far as possible to unpack all things and lay them out in rooms.We hope this article helped you figure out how best to organize your moving during Christmas. If you still have any questions, please contact a moving expert. We are looking forward to your calls and messages!