Challenges to Office Moving & What You Can Do About It

Challenges to Office Moving & What You Can Do About It

Challenges to Office Moving arise for almost everyone who decides to change the address of their office. Moving to a new office space is a complex process that needs to be planned well in advance. But no one is immune from the problems that may arise already during the move. Let’s look at some of them and how to solve them.

The Top 5 Challenges to Office Moving

Now we will look at five main problems that companies face when moving an office.

Productivity Losses

Due to the fact that employees are forced to pack things, call various companies (for example, water delivery service or business partners) and other matters related to the move, they do not have time and energy to work productively. This is always a big problem for office moving.

Since this is very distracting to people from their work and hurts the business, we strongly recommend that you seek the help of a professional mover Dallas company to help you pack and transport things. This is important specifically for office transportation because there is usually a lot of equipment (computers, printers, etc.) that is difficult to pack.

Space Planning

To avoid this item from the challenges to office moving list and you don’t think where to put things in the new office, plan in advance the location of the furniture in the new space and determine where the workplace of each of the company’s employees will be located. This is necessary so that upon arrival at a new place there are no quarrels over the territory.

Also, think over the layout of the office space to the smallest detail before you start looking at the premises, so as not to get lost and not delay the process. You can calculate the required area yourself using a calculator, but it is better to use the services of brokers who have a database of commercial properties and selection experience (it’s free).

Evaluate the room that you like according to the following criteria:

  • is there any service support: security, cleaning services, Internet access, and so on;
  • If moving to another office will involve longer commutes for employees, let them know. Voice the advantages that at least partially compensate for this: more spacious offices, a convenient layout of the office space, a kitchen with homemade meals at an affordable price, some bonuses;
  • are there enough parking spaces for those who have cars;
  • are there cafes and restaurants nearby where you can have lunch (important if you are against eating at work, but there is no kitchen in the office).

After that, you can decide if the office is right for you.

Realistic Budgets

To understand the real cost of moving an office, you need to make an estimate. This is necessary in order to stick to the budget during the office move and not to waste money in vain.

The biggest expense for an office move is refurbishment. Prices vary depending on the area to be refurbished. Analyze how much you have to spend on renovating a new space and add 10-15% of the budget for contingencies and changes.

You can save on furniture and materials without sacrificing design if you order standard models from catalogs — those that the factory produces on an ongoing basis. The second option is to replace expensive items with more budget ones, for example, veneered panels on chipboard with wood decor. It is advisable to entrust this to professionals so that the selected models fit into the interior.

We do not recommend saving on office chairs. The fact is that office workers spend a lot of time in a sitting position and it is important for health and comfort that the chairs are ergonomic.


We recommend appointing a person responsible for the relocation of the company’s office, who will monitor the process: coordinate the work of departments, control contractors, etc. Without him, the process may be delayed, and the company’s budget will decrease. You need to think carefully about the coordination of the move in order to prevent challenges to your office moving.

Think over the arrangement of furniture and seating arrangements for employees. This will help to allocate space between them, understand what is missing, and also quickly arrange things in the new office after the move. You can’t do it approximately, you need exact dimensions, otherwise it may turn out that four tables are indicated in the plan, but in fact only two fit in the office.

Check the furniture and appliances: everything is intact and working properly. What you plan to take with you should be signed so that after moving the company’s office, employees can quickly find their things.

A few weeks before the day of moving, notify the administration of the business center to check if there are any debts to the old landlord. It happens that the furniture is dismantled, things are packed, and it is impossible to leave the office, as the administration has questions for the company. You will have to reschedule the move of the office, and this is a violation of the workflow and unnecessary costs.

Let customers know that you are changing locations. You can make an email newsletter, indicating in the letter the new address and the date from which you can be found there.

Also, don’t forget to order passes for movers Dallas cars so that there are no problems when taking out property.

The Line between Old and New

Moving to another office is always a rather troublesome task for a company. It is necessary to think over the timing, select a suitable room and notify employees.

Experiences can be minimized if everything is properly organized. In order not to run into challenges to your office moving, you need to connect all the lines between the old and new location:

  • appoint a responsible person;
  • start choosing a place for a new office in advance and do it together with the designer;
  • pay off debts to the previous landlord;
  • make an estimate and estimate the timing of moving to another office;
  • select furniture and materials for the new premises, decide on the layout;
  • give employees the opportunity to prepare for the move.

Such simple steps will help to move the office of the company quickly and without unnecessary expenses.

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