Black Friday sale in DFW Moving Company: moving tips

Black Friday sale in DFW Moving Company: moving tips

Black Friday moving is your real chance to make your dream come true soon at a very low price. In this article, we will tell you about what promotion for moving services our company provides and give you tips for a comfortable move.

What is Black Friday Day in USA

Thanksgiving is celebrated every year in the United States, followed by Black Friday. The last week of November is famous for the fact that large sales take place in all stores in the country and people can buy the goods they need at very low prices.

Various companies provide discounts on their services. For example, you can order a relocation service at a reduced price if you are planning to move in the near future.

Promotion for moving and movers services for Black Friday Day

In our company, you can purchase Movers service with a 10% discount in the next few months. We decided that if you have long dreamed of moving, then now is the time to do it, because at the end of the year you always want to please yourself with something and make your dream come true.

Holiday moving is a great idea because during the holidays you can calmly pack and plan everything without being distracted by work problems and other things. At this time, you can fully devote yourself to moving.

Black Friday moving
Black Friday moving: holiday moving with DFW Moving Company

Black Friday moving tips for a comfortable relocation

We have prepared for you some useful tips for moving to make you feel comfortable.

Plan your move

Spontaneity is not the best quality during such complex and serious matters as moving. In order for you not to forget anything, you need to carefully plan all the steps that you need to take and make a moving checklist. Speaking of the process of moving things, you should first move the furniture and all large items. Then you can gradually transport smaller items. Also, do not forget to change the address for the delivery of water and so on.

Sort things in boxes by rooms

In order not to lose important things after moving, you need to sort them into boxes in terms of which rooms they usually lie in. We also recommend that you use the packing service of our company so that you do not have to assemble and disassemble the boxes yourself.

If you have fragile things, then they need to be packed separately in several layers so that they are not damaged. Trust our professionals to be sure of the safety of your belongings.

Decide what you take with you and what you throw away

To make comfortable moving, you need to decide in advance what things you plan to take with you to your new home and what to throw away or sell. This needs to be considered at the initial stage of preparation so that you know exactly how much things you have that you need to transport.

Also, thanks to such planning, you can immediately calculate the cost of the moving service that you will order.

Buy a lot of packing materials

Before you make the long-awaited Black Friday moving, you need to buy a large amount of packaging materials such as boxes, adhesive tape, electrical tape, bags, film, and so on.

If you pack most of your things and you have nowhere to store them, then you can use our storage service. We will be happy to help you wait out the time before moving and keep your cargo safe and sound.

Check the completion of all deliveries and payment of invoices

It often happens that people change their place of residence and after that their deliveries and utility bills arrive at the old address. One of the most important moving tips is to check all this beforehand and change the shipping address to a new one if possible.

As a last resort, you can ask the landlord to send you letters or parcels that will arrive at the old address.

Call the moving company ahead of time

When planning a relocation, you should understand that you need to negotiate with the mover Dallas company as early as possible. Otherwise, there may not be a place for an appointment on the date you need and you will not be able to move at a convenient time for you.

We recommend that you call us as soon as possible and order the Moving service you need.

So we hope that our useful moving tips will help you make your relocation less stressful and easy.

Black Friday moving
Black Friday moving: holiday moving with DFW Moving Company

Moving during Black Friday: FAQ

After reading our article, you probably have questions and want to know the details of our Black Friday sale. Now we will answer the most frequently asked questions.

What kind of discount do you provide?

We provide a 10% discount on all moving Dallas services of our company. Don’t miss your chance to move quickly and cheaply!

How long will the sale last?

The sale will last until January 2, 2023 inclusive. Even if you didn’t have any plans to move anytime soon, now you have time to think it over and decide to take this step.

What schedule do you work on holidays?

The business hours of the company will not change. On holidays we work as usual. We want you to be able to fulfill your dream while you are away from work.

What services do you discount?

We offer a discount on all of our packing, moving and storage services. You can contact us for any help and get it even cheaper than usual.

Where can I find out the price for my service?

The cost of each service is calculated individually, depending on how many boxes you have and how far you move. To calculate the exact cost of your service, you can consult with our manager by calling the phone number indicated on the company’s website or use the Moving Calculator.

Is it safe to move in winter?

Of course, if you transport fragile goods yourself, you can damage it. But our company has modern trucks equipped with all the best security features so that your cargo arrives safe and sound. Also, our Moving Company employs professional drivers who carefully drive the truck and ensure safety on the slippery road.

DFW Moving Company: How to order and pay for the services

Now that you know the useful Black Friday moving tips and got all the information you need about our promotion, feel free to call us and cooperate with us!

To order the services of DFW Moving Company, you can call the phone number listed on the company’s website or write to us on social networks. You can pay for the service directly on our website because it is much safer. The payment system is protected from transferring your data to third parties and ensures complete payment security.

If you have any questions, you can ask them to the moving expert. We are waiting for you!