What is White glove moving? Moving is always rather complicated thing. It’s important to be sure that all your things will be safe and secure while transportation, especially all valuable and fragile items. We know what clients needs, that’s why DFW Moving Company has earned strong reputation on relocation service market as responsible partner. Our professional team is constantly making services perfect for each single person!

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White glove services are becoming popular nowadays, as clients are asking special requests for transportation. For this reason, service was created, now it’s time to answer some important questions. Let’s start!

What is “White glove moving”?

Speaking about such move, it means dealing with extra fragile / valuable objects. This refers to fine art pieces, different antique furniture, books, etc, fragile objects, piano, all types of easy breakable expensive items. It requires special skills, attention, professional know-how.

White glove moving: What services can I get?

Putting client satisfaction on the first place, we have started providing such services:

  1. Fine art moving

Our company is experienced in working with art objects. No matter if you are an art gallery sending deliveries for customer or individual person getting ready to transport his art collection. On the preparation stage, specialists measure the dimensions of items to ensure correct crating. If objects need special temperature, there are special trucks for that.

  1. Transporting fragile objects by White glove moving

It concerns easy-to-break things like porcelain, china, glass, vases. They need not only safe packing, but also secure transportation. We provide special wooden crates with flow pack, which ensures double safety.

  1. Antique relocation

The antique relocation’s rather complicated process. They can either be packed accordingly or be transported in a specially prepared wooden crates. After contacting our specialist, you will be provided best option.

  1. Music instruments move

Music instruments (piano, guitar, violin, drums etc) need special packing. We understand how easily they might be destroyed with shaking or extreme temperature changes. Usually coordination manager plan the specific type of packing materials which suit each individual case.

  1. Breakable & high valuable furniture

Such furniture, as glass tables, mirrors or pool tables need special requirements. As minimum, all furniture is wrapped and covered using extra materials. As maximum, our specialists provide individual transportation preparation of each valuable piece.

  1. Book / Library move by White glove moving

Sometimes clients have large libraries and many valuable books. It’s important paying attention to some details while transportation. One should pack books so they don’t move. If books are highly valuable, extra hand wrapping is provided. You can discuss with personal manager all details of your library relocation.

  1. VIP services

In case you need VIP service, personal assistant can organize everything satisfying all demands.

What guarantees do I have?

We guarantee that you’ll be totally happy! Among our TOP qualities are following:

  • Licensed services
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Big experience
  • Professional personal coordinator
  • Expert skilled movers

You can totally relax if we are working over your project!

So if one is planning complex move, we’re here ready to handle it with the highest level of care! Check our friendly customer service right now: once a client, always a client!