Moving During COVID-19 is a special process that requires a delicate approach. 2020 was distinguished by a large number of strange and unexpected events that haunt the whole world throughout the year. The main problem for the world community has become the coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic temporarily stopped the work of the whole world and turned off all of us from the usual rhythm.

Despite the fact that all this began last winter, the world still cannot fully cope with this disease. Of course, in such a situation, all companies limit their activities and take security measures. Our company is no exception. In this article, you will find out if move during COVID-19 is possible and how to do it.

Moving During COVID-19 it is possible

We are ready to answer the main question of this article right now. Indeed, you can plan your move during a pandemic. This is not to say that this process will be as simple as in normal times. Of course, you will have to face some difficulties that will arise due to the restrictions during a pandemic.

Moving During COVID-19 is a new reality in the field of moving. Companies that specialize in providing cross-border assistance are still doing their job and trying to do everything for the comfort and safety of their customers.

If you’ve called some professional moving company and got rejected, don’t worry. Yes, some small companies have ceased operations during the pandemic. However, large companies operate in compliance with all the necessary rules.

A message to our customers about COVID-19

Most of all, we value the life and health of our customers. Therefore, we will now provide you with important information about our principles of work during a pandemic and how our Moving Company Dallas is working now.

Protecting our people

Above all, it is important for us to protect your health and the health of our employees. For this we create all the necessary safety conditions. Our movers always wear gloves and masks, and regularly undergo coronavirus tests. This allows us to detect the presence of disease at an early stage and relieve sick employees from work.

We also recommend that you get tested for the presence of a virus before ordering moving Dallas services. This will help you to make sure that you are healthy and can contact our employees.

Meeting your needs

Despite the fact that we all find ourselves in such a difficult situation, we have a responsibility to fulfill our responsibilities. Our main responsibility is to meet the needs of our customers. Moving During COVID-19 is the same moving service, but with minor adjustments in terms of health and safety concerns. 

We are still ready to take your orders and come to you to help make the move. The only difference is that both parties need to follow a number of rules that were voiced by the world health organization. 

Moving During COVID-19: FAQs

Of course, this year you have accumulated many questions about the possibility of relocation during a pandemic. Now we will try to answer you all the most important questions.

What Is My Moving Company’s COVID-19 Policy?

If you have chosen our company as a moving assistant, then we can voice our basic principles of work to you. First, we care about the health of our customers. We don’t want to endanger you. Therefore, all our employees are regularly tested for the presence of coronavirus. You can be sure that a healthy loader will come to you.

Secondly, the health of our employees is important to us. In this regard, we ask you to carefully monitor your health and not endanger our movers. Try not to contact people if you are feeling unwell.

Third, we want to meet the needs of our customers. We try to do our best to make your move easy and fast even in such difficult times. We believe that even Moving During COVID-19 can be safe and easy.

Are Moving Services Still Available?

Yes, Dallas movers are still working and helping our clients to relocate. Despite the pandemic, people still have important things to do. One of these things is moving. We cannot leave our clients in trouble, so we continue to work for your benefit.

What About Storage Services?

You can order storage services in our company. However, you should check if there are currently any temporary restrictions on storage usage. For your safety, we constantly treat our storage facilities with disinfectants and do our best to keep them safe.

Can I Still Rent a Moving Truck?

Yes, you can rent a truck. The fact is that during a pandemic, the most important thing is social distance. You will be safe if you order a truck rental by phone and will not personally come to the office of the company. Our trucks are also constantly disinfected and thoroughly processed. You can order them safely.

Should I Move During COVID-19?

The question of whether Moving During COVID-19 is needed certainly remains open. It depends on the specific situation. Of course, you cannot change your plans if you desperately need to move now. For example, if you urgently need to move to your relatives or you decide to live together after marriage. These are circumstances that will not allow you to postpone the move.

If you are not sure that you need to move now, then you can wait for the decline in the spread of the infection. You should not risk your health if you do not urgently need to change your address. However, if you still want to move now and do not want the pandemic to stop you, then everything is in your hands. Observe safety measures and move.

I Have An Upcoming Move, Is It Still Happening?

Yes of course. If you have been planning your move for a long time, then there is no point in canceling or postponing it. You can do it right now. However, you should get tested for the coronavirus to ensure that you are healthy and not endangering company employees and others. Also, do not move if you are not feeling well or have weak immunity.

However, if everything is in order and you are ready for Moving During COVID-19, then we will definitely help you. Rest assured that we will provide you with all the services you need and ensure maximum safety for your health.

What If I Want to Cancel My Move?

If you decide to cancel your move, then you are free to do so. If you have not called the company yet, then you can not do it yet and wait for the time when the pandemic subsides. In the event that you have already agreed to move, you can cancel your order.

We understand the complexity of the current situation and are ready for any of your decisions. The main thing is to keep calm and be healthy.

I’m Not Feeling Well, What Should I Do?

If you are not feeling well, then you should stay at home. Be sure to call your doctor and get a coronavirus test. This will help you find out if you have this disease and if you need to be in quarantine for some time. If you were planning a move, then it certainly should be canceled.

Trust me, you will have a thousand more opportunities to pack and move. You can do this at any time. The most important thing is taking care of your life and health. We recommend that you take care of yourself first and be attentive to any manifestations of the disease.

Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19): how to order the services of the DFW Moving Company

To order Moving During COVID-19 services from DFW Moving Company, you should call us at the phone number listed on our website.

During a pandemic, you do not need to visit company offices once again, as this can be dangerous to your health. You can study all the necessary information on the company’s website and call to clarify all the details.

Our managers are ready to answer all your questions at any time and consult you remotely on all services and prices. If you want to know more about the moving process, you can ask an expert. He is always ready to talk with you and convey the necessary information.

Do not forget that in this situation, the most important thing is to comply with all safety measures and take care of your health. We understand that people need to move, and companies need to function and make a profit. However, during a pandemic, we cannot talk about earnings and intensive work.

We will do our best to keep our clients healthy and to continue to live a happy life after the final victory over the coronavirus and to contact us again and again.

Be healthy and take care of yourself!