Who are the household movers? When one says “household move“, that means changing old house with another one together with family members and belongings. What is mainly needed? How much time is required? What budget can be optimal? People usually are facing many complicated questions like this, searching for the best solutions. Usually process becomes stressful and difficult, that’s why DFW Moving Company will help you make everything easy!

Household Move: Top 3 steps while getting started

Before contacting specialist, make these 3 steps:

  • Prepare detailed list which includes all items

Take pen with paper, make notes in smartphone, writing down ALL items, walking through rooms. Divide all belongings into different groups like clothes, bots, books, kitchen items etc. Make easy list; don’t overwhelm it with too big or too small groups. Basically idea of such division is making them easy transferable from one place to another. Pay attention to complex furniture / appliances, which will need assembling or disassembling. Also, check how many fragile / bulky things are there, as they’ll require extra service.

  • Find some boxes, packing materials

While moving one can use any boxes / packets available. Ask neighbors, probably they might share some old boxes. If there’s no time to think about it, simply call us, we’ll deliver required packing materials.

Start preparations beforehand. Pay attention if you have any restrictions in dates. As example, if your rental contract finishes in 1 month, better get ready now. Because there are many procedures which should be scheduled and completed. The best option is starting preparations 2-3 months before, depending on type of move.

After completing these 3-step plan, contact us! Let’s make work complete!

Household Move Coordinator

Idea of satisfying clients is very important! From the very first day your personal Move Coordinator Specialist will not only answer all questions, but also share experience, make a final plan supporting you on each single step.

Together with Coordinator, go choosing optimal services, make correct time gapes and price estimation.

Big plus in your personal assistant is that he/she ensures that moving will go super smooth.

Household relocation services

There’s wide range of services, which depend on required move type, they can be:

  • Local movers

Our company’s working in Dallas, Miami, San Jose. We are constantly growing, opening new regions! Follow us! Be updated receiving the latest news!

  • Long distance movers

When people change their old home with new one, they can do it within one state. That’s interstate moving. For those who are changing states intrastate services can be offered. These types are different. They require specific operations, movers, trucks and sometimes even packing materials.

  • Specific additional service

Clients can ask whatever they need – we’ll do everything! Move piano, disassemble kitchen, lift up washing machine. Anything you need will be done instantly! Just consult your personal Coordinator.

Everyday mission

We are happy helping people with their relocation campaigns, seeing their happy faces, receiving positive feedback from pleased clients! It is very important improving services every day, finding new solutions! Our mission is making whole process perfect, considering needs and desires. Our quality standards are among the highest on market. These 3 features help us maintain them on the top-level:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Optimal service Price
  • Precise ALL-STAGES Control

For quick efficient relocate, contact coordination specialists +1 (469) 901-4871 . Get your free quote now! Experience the best moving in your life! You’ll receive the highest service, the best price and friendly helpful movers!

Thanks for choosing us! We always try our best and even much more!