Unpacking checklist is something about which you rarely come across any information. Most often we hear and read about how to prepare for the move, how to pack things, how to transport goods. People pay little attention to unpacking.

It seems that the complex and lengthy process has already been completed and the easiest remains. But this finishing touch is far from easy and quick. You also need to make a list.

In this article we will tell you what you need to do to successfully unpack your items. If after reading you still have questions, ask our moving expert.

What to do before unpacking the boxes

When we think of unpacking, we only think of opening boxes and extracting all of the contents from them. However, things are a little more complicated. Before you start unpacking, there are a number of steps you should take.

Check the boxes against the inventory list

Sometimes there are situations when some of the boxes are lost during transportation. They can stay in an old apartment, near the entrance to a house, in a truck, or elsewhere. Carefully check the availability of all boxes according to the list that you or your moving company Dallas made.

If you notice that there are no boxes, then immediately call the company that transported your cargo. They will check their car for your belongings. If they were not there, you can go to the previous address and look for them there.

Sort out the boxes

The next important item on the unpacking checklist should be box sorting. If you put them out of order, then you will inevitably get confused and cannot make them out in the correct sequence.

Place boxes in different parts of the apartment that refer to the same room. This will save you time when unpacking.

This is where the labeling of the boxes that you did when packing things can help you. When the boxes are labeled with a room name and a rough list of items, it’s much easier to identify them.

Prioritize the unpacking job

Of course, when you arrive at a new apartment, you want to relax, go about your daily activities, play games and much more. Unpacking usually goes to the last plan. However, this is a big mistake.

You will feel constant discomfort when you see large boxes all over the apartment. They interfere with the perception of the interior and make the apartment not comfortable at all.

Write down in your moving checklist that you unpack immediately after the move. Then you will not postpone this matter until later.

Have a floor plan

In this regard, you should write down or sketch how the pieces of furniture will be located in your apartment. Often times, when people don’t do this, they face a lot of problems.

Imagine the situation. You have assembled a large chest of drawers, but plan to put it in a different part of the room. Firstly, it is very heavy and it is physically difficult for you to change its position. Secondly, when rearranging the dresser, you can damage the laminate or carpet.

To avoid such a situation, you should measure the dimensions of the furniture and apartment in advance, and then draw or write a plan for the location of the furniture. Without this item, your unpacking checklist cannot be complete, since the condition of your apartment and furniture depends on it.

Prepare an unpacking strategy

You’ve already learned the advice to start unpacking immediately after moving. But don’t think that it needs to be done in a few minutes. This can take a long time.

Make a detailed plan for the sequence in which you will unpack. Do not hurry! Now you live in a new place where you are not limited in time. You can do this at a pace that is comfortable for you.

But still, we recommend that you do not delay with this. People often misuse a large amount of unlimited time, spending it only on entertainment, recreation, watching videos and playing games. Trust that it will become easier for you when you finish unpacking.

Unpack only what you need

You have a long and difficult journey behind you. Of course, you are very tired and you do not have the strength to unpack all the dozens of boxes that you brought. It’s not scary.

For the first few days, you can only unpack the essentials. These are things that you absolutely cannot do without. For example, toothbrushes, washcloths, TV remote control, laptop and more.

If you do not want to unpack on your own, you can order such a service from our Dallas moving company. We will help you to unpack the necessary things and you will not have to spend your last efforts on it.

Which room to unpack first?

This is a rather complex dilemma in which experts cannot come to a single answer. We can say that it largely depends on what time of day you arrived at your new apartment. For this item of your unpacking checklist, you can choose the content yourself.

If you check in in the morning or at lunchtime, then it makes sense to start by unpacking dishes and other things for the kitchen. During the day, you will definitely have to take several meals, so this is necessary.

If you are arriving late in the evening or at night, then you should start with the bath supplies. In the dark, you’ll want to shower and go to bed.

You must prioritize yourself depending on your plans for the day and the coming days. The main thing is to do everything gradually and take your time.

Room-by-room unpacking checklist

As we said, you should start unpacking from the kitchen or bathtub and then unpacking the items one by one.

After unpacking the two most important rooms, you can move on to the living room. You spend most of the day in the living room, and you also bring guests there.

Next, you can unpack your bedroom items. Please note that you will need some of the accessories on the first night of your stay. For example, you need to unpack your bedding first.

In your unpacking checklist, you can write down what you need on the first day of your stay at home. After that, write down step-by-step instructions for unpacking items from other rooms.

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