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Working with both small and large-scale business relocation, we have already dealt with street shops, schools, commercial stores, cafes, etc. There are some useful tips if one is just getting started.

3 fast tips handling a business move

TIP # 1. Discuss document formalities with your lawyer or professional assistant ensuring everything is fine. In concerns office rental, possibility of starting moving works in office area together with truck parking place. Get necessary permissions as well as permits for movers if they are necessary.

TIP # 2. Find some packing materials like carton boxes / tapes. Tell coworkers to pack their belongings. If there are some valuable items, they can bring them home during relocation time.

TIP # 3. Choose optimal day so neither you nor business can be disturbed by moving process. Plan meetings, carry out operational work, while expert movers will do their job.

Commercial and Business Moving from Office movers

While making office relocation easy for employees and clients our company has invented smart management system. Each client has personal assistant who coordinates all process being available 24 h. Better contact beforehand to get your date scheduled.

Usually this type concerns individual entrepreneurs, small, medium companies.

Business Moving with Corporate movers

Serving corporate giants, who have many offices and thousands people, requires profound skilled approach. That’s why our specially trained project coordinators are working on campaign carefully supporting clients every single minute they need. It takes time getting ready with each step of process so it will suit everyone.

Corporate relocation service is mostly for market giants, big companies.

Retail movers

Relocation which considers different stores, shopping corners, malls, restaurants and all other types of retails business is also our specialty. This is very overwhelming move, as you should pack all your merchandise according specifications. We know these details very well.

Retail movers suit B2B cases.


We faced different commercial business moving, proving services for small entrepreneurs and for really big famous companies. Usually we meet such client problems as:

  • Tight timeline
  • Complex furniture disassembling
  • High market price

Smart step-by-step organization plus perfect team coordination help us carrying out absolutely any client need giving solution in each individual case.

Typical services

Working for commercials, usually we provide these services:

  • Furniture installation

Expert manager will prepare a plan how to minimize furniture transportation. Usually it depends on office type. You can be sure that your office furniture will be disassembled and transported in most effective way.

  • Office technique movement, including unplugging, packing, save transportation

Computers, printers, small electronics, multifunctional devices will be put in special boxes ensuring secure transportation. Specially trained movers know all types of technique.

  • Complete packing

We provide all required packing materials for different items, starting from small things like books, calendars finishing with complex kitchen furniture like microwave or refrigerator.

  • Move box rental

In case of need, it is possible renting as many boxes as needed. It can significantly reduce packing costs.

  • Commercial storage

We launched storage service because of our clients’ needs carrying it out for very affordable prices as well! If you need item storage (long-term / short-term), make a call to have price estimation. Our specialist will give possible options.


We have a wide range of solutions, which suit each business demands. Contact our professional team! Experience great service!