Checklist for office relocation is an essential part of moving from one office to another. Everyone who faces the need to relocate the office is worried that he will forget something necessary. That is why you should systematize the list of important things that you need to do before leaving your old office. For a successful move, do not forget to prepare well for it.

To complete everything and leave nothing behind, you must carefully prepare for the move. It is not as easy as it sounds, but we can help you. In this article we will tell you how to make a high-quality and effective list of everything you need for an office move. If you still have questions, you can write to an expert. He will explain you all the details.

What is a Checklist for office relocation and why is your business needed

When you go to the store to buy food for dinner, you are probably compiling a list of necessary products. The same thing happens in this situation. For a more efficient collection of things and actions before moving the office, you need to make a list of things necessary for moving. This is the essence of the Office Moving Checklist

Of course, someone can say that this is a waste of time. However, as practice shows, without a systematic list, people forget what they wanted to take from the old office or buy and are left without useful items. Your business needs to make such a list, because without it you will not be able to coordinate the move and complete all the steps necessary for moving.

The Office Moving Checklist: Step-by-Step

A hastily compiled checklist for office relocation reduces your chances of a quick and efficient move. It must be composed thoughtfully and consistently. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We have prepared for you detailed instructions on the steps required to move. Remember that when moving, you need to consider a huge number of details.

Read our article carefully and take note of all the aspects that we have covered. The main thing is to follow the sequence of actions and not forget to communicate with employees and partners about the move. Only by interacting with all interested parties is it possible to organize such a complex process. 

Step 1: First Things First

You need to start moving planning about six months before the process. First of all, you must take care of renting your old premises. Notify the landlord when you plan to leave the office. This will help to avoid surprise and subsequent fines or liens. Also discuss the relocation plan with everyone who will be involved in organizing it.

In addition, a checklist for office relocation suggests at the first stages to find a company suitable for you to transport, so that there is time for the coordination of details. You need to estimate the volume of things that will be transported. Also announce the budget that you are willing to spend on transportation. 

Step 2: Communication

In order for the plans to take effect, it is necessary to discuss them with everyone involved in the move. First of all, inform the landlord, employees, partners and other interested parties of the date of moving and the new office address. All participants in the process must know the time frame in which they need to prepare for the move. 

When you select the exact dates, arrange with the moving company for cooperation. Prepare and distribute among your partners and clients new contact information for your office so that they know in advance about your move. You must notify everyone. If you do not take care of this in advance, then many transactions may not take place, many clients may leave.

Who should be noticed about the change of address

It should be understood that each office collaborates with many companies on an ongoing basis. It can be water delivery services or an Internet provider. All these companies regularly visit the office at the specified address. If you forget to warn them, then unpleasant situations may arise. For example, a bottle of water will be brought to the old address. 

In addition, according to the effective checklist for office relocation, you need to contact banks and telephone companies about your move. If, due to a change in address, you change the landline phone number, be sure to send out updated contact details. This is very important, because otherwise you will not be able to contact on important issues.

Step 3: Preparation

The immediate preparation for the move is to consider the details of the transportation of furniture and other things. You need to correlate the dimensions of the new premises with the amount of furniture that you would like to buy or transport. Talk with a furniture company that you would like to purchase to the new office. 

Also arrange with a cleaning company to clean the new office before and after the move. If you think that your furniture is too voluminous and heavy, then do not worry. Moving company Dallas will be able to transport cargo of any volume. Your task is to plan the relocation in a high-quality manner and arrange cooperation with us.

What needs to be discussed at this stage?

In any checklist for office relocation you can see information that you need to discuss a lot of details with the move planning team. You should agree with employees about how much cargo you plan to move. Each employee must be informed that he must have time to take personal items home. Check that you have collected all the keys to the office doors to return them. 

Do not forget that one of the employees should stay in the office all the time transporting furniture. He must control the process and make sure that all things have been stacked in cars. Check if there are enough transported items to work in the new office. Make orders in stores if something else is needed.

Step 4: Making the Move

On the day of the move, you need to stay calm and complete everything planned. If you want the transportation to be carried out efficiently and quickly, take care of the working conditions of the carriers. For example, provide them with snacks. Also keep the temperature cool in the office. So movers will not get tired quickly.

Be sure that when choosing our checklist for office relocation Dallas all the details have been observed. You no longer need to worry about anything. 

Step 5: Settling In

After a major move, you need to deal with the remaining matters. Set up all technical equipment and devices in the new room. Make sure that the workplaces of employees are well equipped. Open your checklist for office relocation and check again if you have completed all the steps. Browse the rental completion documentation for the old office.

Prepare business cards with new contact information about your office, write updated information on your site, if one exists. 

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