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What are we doing?

At the Assisted Living Research Institute, we have analyzed the senior living landscape across the United States, compiling data on over 20,000 assisted living facilities. In the state of Texas, which hosts over 1,000 facilities, the average cost is $3,795 per month – $200 less than the national average.

Our sections

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  1. Directory of Assisted Living Facilities in Texas
  2. Assisted Living Directory Tool
  3. Paying for Assisted Living in Texas
  4. The Cost of Assisted Living
  5. Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Texas
  7. The Community First Choice (CFC) Program
  8. PACE
  9. More Ways to Finance Assisted Living
  10. Free Assisted Living Resources in Texas
  11. The Aging & Disability Resource Center
  12. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
  13. 211 Texas
  14. Area Agencies on Aging
  15. Veterans Affairs
  16. Social Security Offices
  17. The Senior Source
  18. Nutrition & Services for Seniors
  19. Project Amistad
  20. Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in Texas
  21. Assisted Living Service Plans
  22. Assisted Living Admission Requirements
  23. Assisted Living Scope of Care
  24. Assisted Living Medicaid Policy
  25. Assisted Living Facility Requirements
  26. Medication Management Regulations
  27. Staffing Requirements
  28. Staff Training Requirements
  29. Background Checks for Assisted Living
  30. Reporting Abuse
  31. Cities in Texas

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