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What is a Antique Moving and Art Moving? When we are planning to deal with valuable household moving, it is always a big headache. These objects are fragile, easy breakable, usually having high value. That’s why coordinated work of professional moving company is highly important issue ESPECIALLY in this case. DFW Moving Company has experienced different situations carrying out various personal and commercial moving plans.

Let’s see what we should pay attention to while dealing with art & antiques pieces. Be sure writing down all important issues, contacting us in case of very special situation. We are working to make YOU and YOUR FAMILY happy and satisfied!


Working with canvas paintings, framed photographs, etc. is challenging for movers, but not for us! We have created our own technology, which helps keeping process safe and secure.

Art Moving: How to get ready?

First, estimate how many pieces do you have at home, which need to be relocated? Sometimes clients prefer taking super valuable pieces to their relatives or friends. Before making any actions, call us. It’s absolutely free, so don’t hesitate doing it right away.

How does process usually go?

  1. Planning right packing material / wrapping

In case of valuable items, packing stands on the 1st place! Your coordinator will estimate all options for each piece and make necessary organization steps. Some items require extra protection, so manager plans working with each item.

  1. Creating special transportation boxes (if needed)

If ordinary packing is not enough, good option is creating special transportation boxes. They are specially prepared taking into consideration size of your items to make them fit perfectly.

  1. Special trolleys / trailers use

To ensure safe transportation from old house, there is a big fleet of special tools, which are used by skilled movers.

  1. Coordinated professional work

There are specially trained skilled movers who are experts in their field. They know correct packing, lifting up & down, placing in truck, transporting.

  1. Storage services

It often happens that during moving our clients decide storing some their items at our warehouse, because they don’t want to damage them during the renovation of new home. For us it is totally fine, you can decide if you need the storage services even last minute by extra-ordering them through coordinator. It’s important to mention, that each item has their special storage conditions, so we advise checking out information beforehand.


There are many objects, which refers to antiques like:

  • Furniture
  • Statues of different size
  • China / porcelain
  • Music instruments
  • Books / newspapers
  • Carpets
  • Decorative objects

What concerns antique moving, each case is unique, being estimated individually. Price will include all possible charges, so be sure getting the best quote.


If you own Art gallery or Antique shop planning some move in future, contact our experts – get high qualified help! You will receive all detailed information about our services, after you will have your personal assistant who will be working on your project. Commercial movement requires strict coordination, perfect time management and high quality work. These’re all about us.

We’re located in Dallas, Miami, San Jose regions. If one is planning something, now you know what to do! Here are our contacts +1 (469) 901-4871.

Thanks for trusting us! Call us with any question or doubt, we will find the best decision treating your household items on the highest level!