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Valuable objects: Packaging different types of glass

Valuable objects – everyone has a different meaning in this concept. For some, this is an old sweater that your beloved grandmother has connected, for some, it is a family photo album with children’s photos and photographs of all brothers and sisters. In any case, every person wants things that are dear to his heart to remain safe and sound. It would be strange if we wanted to part with fond memories. And when we did not pay attention to the significance of such important things in our lives.

So, all people are different and what is valuable to one does not matter to the other. That is why during the move, a huge meaning lies in an individual approach. Perhaps one family will worry during the whole process of moving whether the old snow-white tablecloth that they got from their great-grandmother will turn yellow and yellow. And the other family will remember all the way how well they packed perfumes that they brought from a trip to France.

Valuable objects also often become luxuries and antiques. Particular attention we pay to beautiful and graceful vases, services and sets of glasses. These household items always become one of the main decorations of any room. Therefore, people love these cozy and beautiful objects, and also give them high value.

But when transporting such items very often unpleasant situations arise. During the journey, the roads are not always evenly covered. The packaging of the cargo (especially one that is done on its own) is not as strong as it seems to the owners. Therefore, vases, glasses and tea pairs beat and break. What a shame it will be when you get out of the boxes beaten and cracked tea sets.

Valuable objects: The most fragile items

In addition to common household items that we talked about above, some more things are the most fragile to transport. It can be glass shelves from the refrigerator or the cabinet in the bathroom. The failure of such a shelf or the appearance of a crack is not a very pleasant event. Because finding the right part will not be easy and it will take some time.

Also in many houses, interior paintings hang on the walls. They also react quite sharply to some kind of blows, collisions, and falls. When a picture falls from a wall, it very often cracks into several parts. And some paintings painter draws not just with paint and oil but with acrylic, epoxy, mirror chips and glass.

Just imagine what will happen to such valuable objects. If movers pack it bad and some heavy cabinet, shelf or sofa falls on it? There will be nothing left of the picture, it will split into pieces. Because glass is one of the most fragile and shock-resistant materials. And to pack such things glass objects with plain paper or in a soft box is a bad option.

So all your favorite figurines, vases and services will delight you for a long time. They do not turn into ruins by the end of the movement. We will tell you how to pack such items correctly. And all so that they were not in danger of during transportation. They will remain untouched. 

What is the difference between a simple glass and a crystal glass?

We have all heard and know perfectly well that crystal is a type of glass. But what is the fundamental difference between classic glass and crystal glass, almost no one will tell you right away. But we know how to distinguish these two types of glass from each other. Let’s look at this issue together.

Thanks to this component, the angle of refraction of light increases. It also creates the effect of sparking and flickering. Also, this substance increases the dispersion of light, but it seems to us that light seems to play on the surface of the product. Thanks to this substance, crystal glass looks brighter, richer and more interesting. Besides, crystal products have a special cut, which also gives the objects a special elegant and festive look.

What is better: crystal or pure glass?

As you can see, in the composition of ordinary glass, such an element is present in a minimal amount or is absent altogether. Therefore, the glass looks smoother, more even and light rays do not play so briskly on its surface. However, this property of glass does not make it worse or better than crystal. After all, for the most part, this is a matter of taste.

Some people believe that crystal objects are more festive items and should only be used on special occasions. Besides, for everyday life, such items are not always out of place, but again, it depends on your personal preferences. You can use crystal every day, creating a holiday on ordinary weekdays.

Many people like smooth colored or clear glass. It looks modern and stylish, especially for cookware sets. They are able to decorate any table.

Packing tips for moving: How do I pack it in a box

In order for you to continue to enjoy your favorite things from glass, we have prepared for you a small checklist of tips for packing such products:

  • Prepare cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and soft bags with handles. All these types of packaging are useful to you because there can be a lot of glass objects in the house.
  • You also need to buy bubble wrap, thick paper, and foam. It may also be helpful to prepare soft tissue.
  • You should wrap and pack each item individually: each plate, mug, vase.
    After the packaging material protects each item, you can put similar items in boxes. Be sure to sign each box to facilitate your search for the right thing. You will already know that it is in this box that fragile things are located and what you need to be extremely careful about it.

If you follow these small recommendations, the move will go smoothly and comfortably.

Valuable objects: the perfect professional packing and moving from DFW Moving Company

If the amount of information from friends and colleagues makes you embarrassed, then just trust the professionals. DFW Moving Company will protect all fragile items from shock, chips, and cracks due to the high quality of packaging materials and modern packaging methods. With our packing tips for moving you will overcome any circumstances.