There are not so many people, who like moving (apart from travelers, we suppose), but if you know a few tricks, moving will not seem terrible to you. Without any doubt, it is going to be a great stress, no matter what tricks you would use, but in this article DFW Moving Company will try to help you avoiding some difficulties.

Dallas has not always been a big city like now, and the scales of its growth are impressive: it has become a friendly city with a lot of opportunities. This is exactly what makes people start moving to Dallas. In order to cope with everything, we advise you to think over your move beforehand and perform everything smoothly.

What can you expect when moving? What are the main secrets of fast moving? Where to search for help if it is needed urgently? Let’s figure it out together and check our carefully selected relocation tips for moving to Dallas .

How Strong Is Your Decision

Before you move, you must decide for yourself if you REALLY want to move. You can ask yourself this question right now. If you continue reading this article, it means that you have decided everything for yourself and you are ready to move.

Relocation Tips – TOP 1. Make Total Audit

Realize which things you really use, and which of them are just lying and gathering dust on your shelves. If something has not been used for more than a year, more likely it will never be needed again. Old clothes, which no one has been wearing for a long time, broken mobile phones and other technic, dusty magazines… Do you REALLY need to transport all these items to your new place? It makes sense to conduct a fundamental audit throughout the house: in kitchen, living room, children’s bathroom, and get rid of all the trash.

TOP 2. Make Total Purge

Moving to Dallas…

Now after only necessary things are left, you should make a peculiar inventory in order to have a clear idea of how many belongings are to be transported. It makes no sense to count the exact number of toothbrushes or tablespoons. Common! There will be quite general categories like:

  • cutlery and kitchen supplies;
  • clothes;
  • hygiene supplies;
  • blankets and linens;
  • shoes.

Looking at this list, it is easy to navigate and determine how many boxes you need.

TOP 3. Think About Packing Materials

Choosing right packing is already half of success. All boxes must be strong and of different sizes. For smaller items you can use shoe boxes. Also remember about shopping bags and other plastic packets.

Relocate in Dallas – TOP 4. Label Moving Boxes

In order not to get confused about the contents of your boxes -believe us, there will be tons of them – use bright markers or stick colored stickers with information. So it will be easier to navigate not only for you, but also for the movers.

TOP 5. Use Appropriate Packing Material

Use wide and narrow tape and bubble wrap while packing up the boxes. It is very convenient to use masking tape as well: it is wide enough, it is well fixed and it leaves no traces after removal. Keep in mind to be careful while working with fragile and breakable objects: better to wrap them in a bubble wrap and to put in small box with label FRAGILE.

Relocate in Dallas – TOP 6. Make Extra Disassembling

External furniture elements should be removed and packed accordingly. It is better to disassemble large-sized furniture as much as possible: unscrew handles, remove small doors and other details. If it is impossible to remove doors, they must be securely locked so that they do not open during transportation. This leads to the deformation of furniture pieces. It is also necessary to ensure that all cells are completely empty.

Relocation Tips – TOP 7. Reliable Moving Company

Yes, don’t be surprised, as this really matters. DFW Moving Company is 100% professional ensured moving company to work with any task. There are certain rules and relocation tips for the proper transportation of refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, etc, which we strictly follow. Turning to us means not only safe and secure moving, but also smooth and no stress preparations!

Relocation Tips – TOP 8. Emergency KIT

In case of unforeseen circumstances, it is worth preparing one small box or luggage, which will contain the most important things. These may be some clothes, kitchen items, medicines, mobile and laptop chargers, toothbrush and toothpaste. In case you will arrive earlier at your new place or you will decide to spend some time at your friend’s house, you can be absolutely calm, as you have all necessary things right at your hand.

Relocate in Dallas – TOP 9. Keep Your Documents Safe

Make sure that all your personal documents are put in separate place, including such documents as:

  • passport;
  • driver’s license;
  • medical papers;
  • insurance certificate.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to reissue them in case of loss. Therefore, the documents need to be carefully packed in a small package, like hand bag or backpack. On top you can stick a red sticker that reminds you of the importance of the content. BTW! It is better to entrust the transportation of documents to the most responsible member of the family.

Relocation Tips – TOP 10. Early departure

If there is a long way to go, it is necessary to plan the departure time so that it does not catch peak traffic hours. It is pretty convenient to leave before there is heavy traffic on the roads. Sometimes it is convenient to move even in evening hours. But it is just a matter to remember.

Summering up, the more energy and efforts have been invested in the proper moving to Dallas organization and following relocation tips, the easier it will be to settle in a new place with all your belongings. In case you need professional movers in Dallas, we are always 24/7 available for you!