Pros and Cons of Office Moving During The Summer

Office Moving During The Summer is exactly what you need if you have long dreamed of finding a new comfortable space for your company. In terms of troubles and costs, an office move is not much different from repairs and a fire. During transportation, things often get dirty, broken and lost. In addition to accuracy and care during the move, it is necessary to take into account another factor — the time of year.

Long before they start tormenting themselves with questions about choosing the right vehicle, people are wondering what time of the year is the best time to start moving? Moving in autumn or spring is difficult due to frequent rains, in summer due to heat, and in winter due to snowfalls, severe frosts and ice. All these factors can lead to dangerous situations, cause more rapid fatigue of loaders, etc.

The weather is the moment that cannot be influenced, but can be foreseen in order to minimize the negative consequences. Today we will talk about the pros and cons of the move in summer.

Office Moving During The Summer: Pros

Many people prefer to change office space in the summer, either in late spring or early autumn.

At this time, it is warm and dry outside, which means that transportation will be:

  1. Practical. Things do not get dirty and do not get wet;
  2. economical. No need to additionally wrap flowers and household appliances, cover with a protective film. For this reason, office move in summer will take you much less money and effort;
  3. Safe. There is no fear of getting sick, jumping out of the entrance hot and sweaty;
  4. Convenient. You can stand in front of the entrance for as long as you like, enjoying a fine day.

In addition, there are several other advantages if you make your office moving in warm weather during the summer:

  • the days are long and the weather is warm and dry, so you will have more hours of daylight to complete your move and you don’t have to worry about snowdrifts, wet roads and slippery driveways, fog and rain on the day of the move (even if they happen, then summer storms are short-lived and pass quickly) or objects damaged by cold;
  • booming real estate market. With so many people on the move, summer is the busiest season for selling homes and offices. There is a large selection of properties on offer, so you can easily find the perfect new office for you;
  • more free time. During the summer, business activity usually slows down temporarily, so it will be easier for you to get a few days off to prepare for your move (transitioning to a new job is also much easier during the summer months).

Office Moving During The Summer: Cons

At the same time, in the warm season there are serious disadvantages:

  1. Dirt. Road dust and plant pollen, coupled with rain, can stain things;
  2. Heat. In hot weather, it is not recommended to lift weights and give an additional load to the heart.

In summer, the main danger is the heat. Due to high temperatures, all participants in the move quickly get tired, become more distracted and less collected. High temperatures, like low temperatures, have a bad effect on various techniques. The heat is not well tolerated by children and animals, for whom the move itself is a huge stress.

In the summer, it is harder to endure traffic jams that now and then appear on the roads. During this period, even intercity routes are heavily loaded, which will only increase the travel time. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you are ready for your summer moving Dallas.

Experts note that each of the seasons has its own disadvantages and advantages, so the move should not be shelved. There is never an exact certainty that everything will go according to plan, but the specialists of our mover Dallas company will always be able to find a solution and deliver your property to the new office safe and sound.

Extremely high temperatures during the summer months can exacerbate motor stress, pose a great risk to your health and increase the risk of damage to your belongings. Many household items can warp or break due to the heat in a moving truck, so it’s important to have your belongings transported in an air-conditioned van (especially if you’re moving long distances or need to move some fragile items).


Now we would like to answer your most frequently asked questions about Office Moving During The Summer.

Why is moving in summer better than moving in winter?

In winter, there are very bad weather conditions, because of which you may have problems with the transportation of goods. In addition, it is inconvenient to transfer things from home to a truck in cold temperatures. In summer you will be comfortable and the roads will be safer.

Should I order Summer Moving Service from a professional company?

Of course office moving is easier during the summer than during the winter. You can try to do everything yourself if you have enough time and energy for it. But we still recommend that you turn to professionals because it is very difficult to properly pack and transport fragile items and not everyone has a truck.

A professional company will provide you with all the necessary equipment to make your move comfortable and fast.

How expensive is it to move in the summer?

If you take care of everything in advance, then it will be quite inexpensive for you. For example, you can call our company right now to find out all the necessary information and inform you that you are planning to move this summer.

Our movers Dallas provide affordable services, especially if you schedule your move in advance.

Summer Moving Service for your Office by DFW Moving Company: reviews by our clients

After reading our answers to the summer moving faq, you probably have questions about whether our clients have testimonials about our work. Now we will provide you with some testimonials from our customers about the work of the company.

Laith Talley, 34, Dallas, TX

I have long wanted to change my office space because I wanted to make the workspace more convenient and comfortable for all employees. Thanks to this company for this opportunity!

Arwel O’Connor, 28, Dallas, TX

I change the addresses of my offices quite often because the number of employees changes and we constantly need something new. Every time I turn to this company because only here they can provide us with quality assistance. Thank you for always doing quality and fast work!

Eddison Beattie, 41, Dallas, TX

Thank you for always getting your work done on time! I am very grateful to you for keeping your promises.

Moving calculator: plan your office move in summer

If you have decided that you will move this summer, then it is time for you to choose a company that will help you with this as soon as possible. We recommend that you order the services of professionals from us. To calculate the cost of your particular service, you can use the Moving calculator.

To do this, enter all the necessary data and wait until the system calculates the cost. It will depend on time, distance and quantity of goods.

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