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Dallas has always been a big city, and lately it has become a magnet for people: some are moving to Dallas to build career, others want to create family and live long happy life.

If you are among those, who are dreaming about relocating to Dallas, DFW Moving Company is happy to share some useful information and relocation tips about this great Texas city. BTW, if you need experienced dallas movers and packers, as well as professional moving services, just contact us! We know how to cope with any relocation!

Moving to Dallas: Relocation Tips


First thing, which you are going to meet is the costs of moving from old place. We have estimated the average prices for relocation from different places:

  • New York, LA – around $350
  • Vancouver, Canada – around $1,200
  • London, United Kingdom – around $1,700
  • Hong Kong, China – around $1,500
  • Australia, Sydney – around $2,500
  • Dubai, UAE – around $2,800

You see, that depending on your geographical location, it might cost really a lot. What is more, this will be a international moving, so be sure to thoroughly prepare for it.

By contacting our company, we will help you calculate the cost of transporting your belongings and we can definitely make the best quote for you.


Now, when you already understood, what means of transport to use, you can turn to accommodation. You can either rent a house or apartment or buy it, depends on your budget. You should decide how long are you planning to stay in Dallas. If you are planning a long-term residence, we would advise you to think about buying a place to be.

Here are approximate prices for housing rentals:

  • 1 b. ap. near city center: starting from $700- $800
  • 1 b. ap. 20-30 km far from city center: starting from $600-$650
  • 3 b.ap. near city center: starting from $1,200-$1300
  • 3 b. ap.20-30 km far from city center: starting from $900-$950

Approximate prices to buy real estate:

  • Price per sq. m to buy near city centre: starting from $2,500-3,000
  • Price per sq. m to buy outside city: starting from $1,200

Tips To Reduce Costs On Renting

  1. It will be much cheaper to rent house or apartment if you find a neighbor to share space with.
  2. Select right city area. Transport in Dallas is not cheap, we advise you to rent an apartment near your work.

Food And Drinks

Products in Dallas are not so expensive, even it is rather cheap to eat out in the bars and restaurants.

  • Average Restaurant: $15-$20
  • Take Away Coffee: $5.00
  • Bottle of milk: $0.80
  • Bread: $1.50
  • 1 kg of Chicken: $4.5
  • 1 kg of Beef: $6.30

Here are some fresh tips for finding cheap food:

  1. Find your favorite shop. There are shops of different classes, in some stores the cost of products is strikingly different. Examine the stores in your area and choose the right store for you.
  2. The same situation with restaurants. Combine the prices and choose the cheapest one which complies with your budget.


The traffic situation is quite complicated. Dallas roads are not made for such amount of cars, and unfortunately today Dallas is among the busiest cities of Texas.

If you want to use a car when coming from another state, you can continue to use your license, but you will need to update your address. If you move to Dallas from a foreign place, then your license will be valid for up to 12 months.

Another option is to use public transport. Here are some costs:

  • Adult Single – $2.50
  • One day ticket – $5.00
  • 7-day pass – $25
  • Monthly season ticket, unlimited – $80

As you can see, living in Dallas is pleasant from the point of budget view. Costs are not particularly high. Even the prices of clothes and entertainment will be around $20-50.

We really hope that after reading this article, you start thinking more detailed about moving to Dallas. Just remember, DFW Moving Company is always ready to support you in anything you want to perform and to advice useful relocation tips! Contact us and we will make it work.