What is a Last Minute Moving with  Last Minute Movers in Dallas? Life is unpredictable; it might happen that you need express one day or last minute moving. That’s absolutely fine, you won’t believe how many Americans are facing such emergency deadlines every day. No need worrying or searching anxiously for a moving company, as you have found us! Call DFW Moving Company +1 (469) 901-4871 operating in Dallas, Miami, San Jose regions. We will do the whole job for the client! Fast, smooth and top professional.

Last Minute Movers: Big / small relocation

Our skilled managers plan such move easily, doesn’t matter if person is leaving with 1 small luggage or there’s a big family relocating all their belongings to a big new townhouse. Being experienced in different moving types, our professionals will find the best solution for any individual case.

Last Minute Movers: Packing / unpacking

We can pack / unpack, providing with packing materials like:

  • Boxes, including wardrobe boxes
  • Dollies (2 wheel or 4 wheel)
  • Tapes / wraps
  • Covering materials
  • Trolley for fridge transportation
  • Special means which help transporting fragile objects

If there is any need in some special service, simply contact us. For sure, it’s available; otherwise, our moving specialists will make individual proposal and price estimation.

Assembling / Disassembling / Reassembling

Our professional movers deal with different furniture and appliances types. These are the most popular services today, one can ask any variation of them.

  • Thinking about disassembling kitchen? – No problem, thousands of them are disassembled by our hands!
  • Any dishwasher which needs relocating? – Great, skilled movers are certified in these procedures!
  • Taking washing machine from old home? – Sure, it’ll be done as well!

Your coordinator will discuss all required services beforehand getting them scheduled. The goal is making each move perfect.

Lifting up / down

Remember telling coordinator if movers can reach elevator or stairs. Usually this process doesn’t cause any questions, however, better make order in advance, as in certain cases it’s required discussing lifting process with local property manager.

Bulky abnormal objects

Moving piano, pool table or any other type of bulky object is not a problem as well! Specially trained professionals know cool tricks which will relocate any bulky object. Want to know more, contact us (btw start following us on Facebook / Instagram / YouTube)!

Best move optimization plan

Usually last minute move might be spontaneous, that’s why specially trained coordinators have their tips which can make even unplanned move totally complete.

Loading / unloading

Our movers use modern means for loading / unloading operations, knowing every small details: starting from loading bulky bed finishing with loading abnormal cupboard. The most important thing is keeping client items safely fixed in the truck, while relocating from old place.

Car / Driver rental

Depending on situation, we propose different variations which will make your spontaneous move maximally economical. If one has its own truck, just order extra driver or if one needs only a truck, go renting it.

Labor only services

Professional team always supports any client’s needs, for this reason we propose mover services as personal option. Movers are specially licensed and trained, so they easily help with all type of work. Contact coordination manager who will estimate the optimal number of required specialists.

Scheduled furniture delivery

We have started receiving orders to bring furniture from big malls. At first, it sounded strange, but later it got clear why such express delivery became so popular. Sometimes furniture delivery takes long time costing rather expensive. Moreover, not every shop delivery proposes assembling – lifting services. So if you’re already thinking about updating some household items, give a call, schedule delivery!

Why us? Answer turns to be easy, dear customer! After getting our service, you will not ask this question anymore! No hidden cost, fast reliable service, friendly managers! Call now, let’s get started!