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Important Tips for Moving During the Coronavirus Epidemic

Moving During the Coronavirus Epidemic seems impossible to most people. Because time is really difficult now. Most commercial companies do not have the conditions to continue working. And part of the business is generally forced to suspend activities, not at will. Surely you already know that only food stores, pharmacies and some other companies can work now. For example, such as ours.

In any case, a difficult period has come not only for companies but also for ordinary families. Why? Because everyone is forced to save and limit their movement. The government recommends that everyone stay at home and visit less common places. First of all, it’s better to go out only for good reasons. For example, walk a dog, buy medicine or products. All these measures have been taken for a reason. The state is doing everything to make you safe.

Also, our moving company does not stop its work. Because it is important for us to support each client in such a difficult period. Now many families do not want to move to other homes. The thing is that they are afraid of the spread of the virus. Many worries that they can become infected and endanger their loved ones. Of course, in such conditions it is possible. Especially if you do not follow basic hygiene rules.

In this case, you minimize the likelihood of infection. It is worth noting that ordering relocation services is safe. First of all, our team has already taken care of the reliability of joint cooperation with you. Because we have a well-functioning system for protecting specialists in contact with customers and cargo. Therefore, trust us and be confident in the future. It’s safe with us! And you will see for yourself.

Let your mover know right away if you or anyone in your family is experiencing coronavirus symptoms

Moving During the Coronavirus Epidemic can be organized if a number of rules are followed. In any case, if you have symptoms of a cold, it is best not to call a specialist. Because you can infect our employees. So, we will not be able to fulfill orders for the following customers. First of all, the work of the company depends on the health of our team. We care about the well-being of specialists. It should be noted that movers often come in contact with people. Therefore, they can also put customers at risk. In turn, we check the entire team before the start of the shift. If someone is seen with signs of a cold, he will not be allowed to work.

Also, before the start of the working day, we measure the temperature of loaders. Because fever can also be a symptom of serious illness. By working with us, you will be safe. The company provides the maximum level of protection to all employees who are sent to fulfill the order.

If you have planned moving Dallas, you should not put it off for later. Of course, coronavirus introduces great difficulties for families. First of all, you are afraid for your health and your loved ones. Especially families with young children and elderly parents. These people are at risk. But choosing our company you can be calm for your relatives. We guarantee you a high level of security when calling movers.

To do this,  the team works daily on personal protective equipment. What is included here? First of all, masks and gloves. In addition, experts daily disinfect the truck body and cab. Because it is very important to maintain sterility. In addition, loaders use a variety of tools and accessories during operation. Therefore, we also disinfect them regularly because of Coronavirus Pandemic.

Provide hygiene products

Today, this item is the most important. Without personal hygiene, viruses spread very quickly. Our team is 100% protected from the possibility of infection. And we advise all customers to abide by all the rules during Moving During the Coronavirus Epidemic.

First, wash your hands often. Even when you are at home. You may accidentally touch the surface when disassembling mail. Or, when you put food from the store in the refrigerator. Because the virus can be anywhere. And it is better to be as confident as possible in its purity.

Secondly, clean your home more often. Wipe off dust, wash all surfaces. By the way, it is better to use disinfectants for washing. They help kill up to 99% of germs and pathogens. Thus, you can wash floors, shelves, furniture. By the way, this is very important when you have small children living in your apartment. Since they like to drag everything into their mouths and taste everything around.

Third, try to contact outsiders less often because of COVID-19. The state recommends observing a social distance of at least one and a half meters, and preferably two. Because the virus spreads by air from person to person. Therefore, observing this distance, you will remain healthy.

Don’t use free or recycled moving boxes

Moving During the Coronavirus Epidemic should be the most thought out to the smallest detail. You should know that the virus is transmitted not only through human contact. In addition, it has the property of being stored on surfaces. If a sick person touches the doorknob, then the virus particles will remain on it. This is why you need to wear disposable gloves. And once again do not touch objects outside the home.

By the way, the same rule sways boxes. Perhaps you have friends who offer to take their free boxes. It would seem a great help on such an important day. However, we do not recommend you to use such things. During a pandemic, it is better to take only new boxes.

Do Dallas movers use exclusively new boxes? Not always. But only because we professionally process all objects with a disinfector. But ordinary families never do this. Only, therefore, we advise refraining from already used packaging.

If you’re in a high-risk group, cancel your move if possible

Do you know who is at risk of getting the virus? First of all, these are people with weak immunity. Also in this group are people of all ages with chronic diseases. Especially with diseases of the lungs and heart, as well as blood vessels. It is worth noting that older people over 65 are also at risk. If you can include yourself in one of the groups, then cancel the move.

You can organize it later when the pandemic goes into decline. Because at such moments it is important to take care of your health. And all other plans are already secondary. Moving During the Coronavirus Epidemic can be carried out by your relatives or friends. If moving is so important to you, then ask them for help. 

If you have to cancel your moving services, do so earlier rather than later

Moving During the Epidemic may seem dangerous to many. Therefore, some customers will probably decide to cancel the move. Of course, this is your choice, and we are not entitled to force you not to transfer the recording. Nevertheless, if you want to cancel receiving the service, please do so in advance. If you cancel the arrival of the movers a couple of hours before the appointed time, the company will not be able to help another client. And time is always valuable. Please use your time and the time of our specialists rationally.

Today, our Moving During the Coronavirus Epidemic is more important than ever for other categories of people.

If traveling for your move, plan accordingly

Ordering mover Dallas requires careful planning. We always recommend choosing a date in advance. Because if something changes, then you will have time to cancel the service or transfer it to another free day.

Book and pay for Moving during the coronavirus epidemic online on our website

To have less contact with people and less time to travel, we created an online payment system. Now you can make a reservation or order movers, without leaving your home. Select the desired date and determine the exact time. Specialists will arrive on time.

First of all, the company cares about your safety and health. Thus, we do our best to protect you from dangers.

The payment system is completely secure. Our control system protects all transactions from intruders. So do not worry about it. Feel free to use online payments for your convenience.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Remember personal hygiene and cleanliness around. In addition, do not forget about personal protection rules and follow all government recommendations. Moving During the Coronavirus Epidemic will be successful and no problem.

If you have any questions, write to our expert.