Moving contract is one of the most important documents that you sign during the move. Each of us is well aware that moving is a lot of physical work. But besides loading, packaging, and transportation, there are many formalities in this process. It is worth saying that everyone should understand what papers need to be signed and why they are needed.

By the way, one of the most common mistakes made by clients is the neglect of documentation. At least 8 out of 10 people are sure that the contract does not mean anything and is a simple formality. However, this is completely wrong. First of all, this document is a kind of guarantee of the safety and reliability of the service. The contract confirms that you will not be deceived. And you, in turn, will fulfill the obligations, for your part.

What specific items must be present in the contract with the service providers for relocation? Read on for relevant information from experts. And if after reading the article you still have questions, our specialist will always answer you personally.

Description of Service by DFW Moving & Movers Company Dallas

So, first of all, the contract has a detailed description of the service. And not in a general sense, but with details in all directions. If for some reason you did not find this information in the contract, inform the company about it and wait with signing. 

Scope of services

This section of the contract is very important because it is here that the company prescribes each stage of the move. Here you should see what will be included in the package of services and what will not. For example, pre-cleaning or packaging. If any item is missing, notify the service provider and amend the contract.

For each Dallas mover, you also need to know how much work to do. Therefore, this part of the contract is significant for the implementing team. In this way, the movers will be aware of how much work they have to do according to your order.

Moving Contract: Payment

At this place, there is always a payment method, as well as a time frame. How will the client pay for the service: in cash or by bank transfer? Immediately the whole amount, or will he transfer the money in installments? Find out what opportunities your moving company provides and choose the most convenient option for yourself.


There is not much information in this section. However, this is how you will be sure that the move will end strictly at the appointed time. This way you and the service provider will be protected from delays.


If this is your first contract for Moving to Texas, or if you have already concluded a contract in other areas, you know that this clause is in all contracts. As a rule, it means that the company is not entitled to use your personal data somewhere for its purposes. That is, all your information is protected.

Terms You Need to Know

Some conditions in the contract will seem unusual to you. So that you do not have unnecessary questions and ambiguities in your head, you have created a small checklist. Thanks to him, you will easily navigate the moving contract.

110% Rule

What does it mean? This paragraph implies that the total amount of the order may differ from the initial by 10%. Because the team of loaders may have some costs during the process. In any case, such a deviation is considered normal.

Additional Charges

This part contains information on the possible expenses of the client. For example, the attraction of additional transport. Or additional help in difficult places in the city. That is those things that you will have to pay in excess of the price for the basic service. Because most movers company Dallas work by standards and some specific customer requirements are subject to additional charges.

Bill of lading

This document is a copy of the contract. This copy remains in your hands. In addition, this paper is a receipt confirming payment for the service provided. Therefore, it should be stored until the end of the move.

Binding estimate

Such a document shows that you agree with the final price of the move and are ready to pay such an amount of money after the completion of the work process. All any changes to the moving contract can only be made if the contract is changed by the supplier company

Full-Service Mover

This is the company with which you will cooperate from the beginning to the end of the move.

High-value inventory

The best movers Dallas always use quality tools and equipment. In this section, the company indicates a list of tools for work.

Line-Haul Charges

These costs are related to the weight of the cargo and the distance for transportation.


Within this amount, your move will be appreciated. That is, conditionally this is the total cost of all property that will be transported by movers.

Moving Made Easy with the best movers Dallas

Before working with any company, carefully review the moving contract. When you know and understand everything that is described in the documents, the move will be clear!