Checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX

Checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX — this is something that will definitely come in handy if you are planning to move in the near future. In this article, we’ll give you some important tips on how to make the most of your move and provide you with an Apartment Moving Checklist that you can use to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Why you should make a checklist for moving in an apartment

Many people don’t understand why they need to make and follow an ultimate moving checklist because they are used to doing everything without a plan. However, moving is a complex process that requires a lot of preparation and clear planning.

If you do not have a to-do list that reflects all the items, you are sure to forget something due to stress and lack of time. Think about how you do projects at work. As a rule, you have all the tasks for the day written down in a calendar or in a notebook, but you still sometimes don’t have time or forget something.

Moving is an infrequent occurrence in people’s lives (even if it happens once every six months, it is rare compared to the daily routine). Therefore, it is very difficult for us to remember all the actions that need to be taken. To help you be as productive as possible, we will give you some tips.

Apartment Moving: Tips Before Moving

Before we begin our checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX, we would like to give you a few tips.

As in any business, when moving, the main thing is to plan everything properly, so that later you don’t run around and waste time and nerves looking for documents or toys for the child, which they put in some kind of box in the confusion.

  1. Take a vacation or day off during the move. The employer will certainly enter into the position of an employee and provide a few days to collect, transport and arrange things in a new home. If you are the employer, be sure to appoint those responsible for the performance of your duties and ask them not to distract you with work issues during the move.
  2. Set yourself a time frame and set deadlines for completing tasks. Think of moving as a work project. Schedule what needs to be done on what day, for example, pack things from the bedroom on Saturday, from the kitchen on Sunday, and then plan for the arrival of movers on Monday.
  3. Get a separate notebook or note on your smartphone. Make a list of essential things to do and a list of things you are going to transport. Write a list for each box or bag you will be packing. Tape it directly onto the box or tie a tag to the bag, so it will be easier to find the right jacket or pan.
  4. Set aside and plan time to unpack at your new home. This item could even be included in the checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX.
  5. Plan your pick up for the weekend: Saturday or Sunday. These days there is much less traffic on the streets and roads than on working days.
  6. Tip: some moving companies offer night moving services. At night, there is minimal traffic on the streets of cities and there are almost no cars, so transportation will take much less time, even if you have to make several flights.

Stock up on pens, markers, stickers, stickers, and tags. Buy tape in different colors. Sign and label everything. Write, for example, on the box: tea set, spoons, mugs and small plates. Make it easier not only for yourself, but also for the loaders, who will know which of the rooms of the new house to drag this or that box.

If you have everything ready for the appointed time, then you will move easily and simply.

And another tip: take time with a margin of several hours. Believe me, it may not even be enough.

Apartment Moving Checklist by Local Dallas moving company for your comfortable relocation

So let’s get started on our checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX.

Get rid of the excess and take with you only what you will use in a new place

You will learn about how many things we actually have during the move. Suddenly it becomes clear that some of them are not needed at all, you have not used them for a long time. It is better to get rid of them before moving than to drag them into a new home. Sell ​​or give away unwanted equipment, furniture, clothes to friends or relatives.

By the way, about furniture: it is not a fact that furniture that fits perfectly into the old interior will fit well into the new one, this also applies to household appliances. Moving is the perfect time to replace your refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher.

First of all, pack those things that you can do without during the move: carpets, paintings, books, seasonal items and shoes. Remove and pack curtains in advance.

Take care of packing

To pack things you will need a lot of things which we have collected in this checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX:

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes. The optimal choice is not very large, 40x50x60 cm in size. They include a lot of things, they are easy to carry. But large boxes with heavy dishes or appliances can easily break or fall apart.
  • Other packaging material. Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, paper, old newspapers and fabrics, cling film. All this will be useful for packaging breakable items (dishes, chandeliers, mirrors, small household appliances, paintings).
  • Packing tape. Lots of tape.

Tip from the checklist for moving into an apartment: if you use the services of a professional company that specializes in moving, its managers will certainly offer you boxes, bags, and packing material as an additional service.

Label each box or bag and attach a list of items inside. Yes, we have already talked about this, but we will repeat it again. Labeling and listings will help keep you from going crazy unpacking after your move.

Move furniture the right way

We have already mentioned the transportation of furniture a little higher in our checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX: if it is possible to sell the old one and buy a new one, then sell and buy. But if you still decide to transport your wardrobes, beds and sofas, try to make the work of yourself, movers and assemblers as easy as possible.

  • If possible, transport furniture disassembled.
  • Wrap the disassembled parts with packaging film and sign with a marker so that you don’t puzzle over how to assemble it later.
  • Carefully assemble the fittings, furniture bolts and other fasteners in a small bag and stick it to the furniture with adhesive tape so as not to search during assembly.

When carrying oversized non-separable pieces of furniture, check in advance whether they will pass through the front doors, or whether they will have to be carried out through windows or a balcony.

Transport equipment correctly

Continuing our moving checklist, we would like to pay attention to the transportation of equipment. For the transportation of household appliances, exactly the same rules apply as for other things in your home, taking into account a couple of details.

Ideally, if you have kept the packaging. But this rarely happens. Is it convenient to store boxes from under the refrigerator, microwave or washing machine? Of course not. Yes, and there is not always a place for this. Therefore, we will manage with improvised means.

  • Pack small household appliances in cardboard boxes, filling the gaps with wrapping paper.
  • Pack larger equipment one at a time, picking up boxes approximately in size.
  • Wrap large equipment with bubble wrap, and, if possible, with foam rubber or thick sheets of cardboard. Secure them with tape.
  • Wrap TVs and monitors with bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard sheets on the front and back sides.

If you follow these points from the checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX, then you can be calm about the condition of your equipment.

Pack your essentials

Think about what things you might need during the move and for the first time after it. Collect a suitcase that will always be with you. What can be put in it?

  • Documents and money.
  • Necessary clothes, underwear and shoes for all family members, including children.
  • Dishes for the first time: a small saucepan, a couple of mugs and spoons, a thermos. It is unlikely that immediately after the move you will have time to cook something, even in haste. Also, do not forget the first aid kit with a set of necessary medicines.
  • Snacks that you can have a quick snack during the move: biscuits, cookies, chocolate bars, instant coffee, tea bags.
  • Tools: knife, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, adhesive tape.

Take care of children and animals

To conclude today’s checklist, we would like to say a few words about pets and children. If your family has small children and pets, remember that moving is a big stress for them. Try to arrange with relatives, grandparents that your small child stays with them at least on the day of the move.

The same applies to pets: cats, dogs and hamsters. Ask relatives or friends to host all living creatures for a day or two. And after moving, take them back and give something to caring relatives.

Benefits of cooperation with DFW Moving Company

After reviewing the checklist for move in an apartment Dallas TX, you should get to know you better. Many people want to organize the move themselves or turn to friends or through an ad. We do not recommend doing this, because professional companies have a huge number of advantages, which we will talk about now.

Local Dallas moving company: Good technical condition of cars

If you randomly order, for example, the transportation of goods according to an ad on a social network, then there is a big chance to get on a dishonest carrier or simply scammers. In case of poor technical condition of the car, the transportation of oversized cargo or fragile things on the roads can be carried out with damage to the cargo and with a deviation from the agreed time.

By contacting an experienced moving company, you can use the additional service of packing and taking things out. The fleet of such a company is in good condition, the cars are released for the flight after refueling and inspection by a mechanic. Drivers receive schemes of optimal delivery routes with documents for the transportation of goods.

The fleet is represented by many models

If you find a private carrier, then he has at his disposal one or two cars, on which he often works. A major carrier will select the right car for you, depending on the volume of cargo being transported.

Professional drivers

A common problem on the roads is an accident due to inexperienced drivers. In large companies engaged in cargo transportation, all drivers are inspected by a medical worker or head of department before going on a flight. Drivers are always rested, healthy and able to control the situation on the road. The selection of applicants for the position of drivers is also carried out carefully.

Checklist for move in an apartment Dallas: Realistic freight cost

When ordering apartment moving services from an experienced company, the manager goes to the place and makes a preliminary assessment of the cost of transportation, and also determines the need for additional services (packing, movers, disassembly and assembly of furniture, lifting to the floor), even if it is a simple delivery of food. The concluded contract will contain the full and final cost of cargo transportation.

If you order transportation from a private person, you run the risk of giving an advance payment and never seeing this person again.

Payment after delivery

In all companies specializing in transportation, only packaging and the work of Dallas movers are immediately paid. Payment for transportation is made on the fact. Carriers from private ads ask for partial or full prepayment.

Navigation and control of the position of the car

Large companies install satellite navigation systems on working cars that can not only help the driver with the chosen route, but also control the location of the car at a particular point in time.

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Moving calculator: plan your move in an apartments in Dallas with Ultimate Moving Checklist

This article is quite long and convincing, so most likely you have already wanted to contact our company to order movers Dallas services. In this case, you are left with at least one question – how much does it cost?

It depends on many factors: the time when you want to organize the move, the distance between the points, the number of things (you may have a one-room apartment, or you may have a large private house).

To find out exactly how much your move will cost, you should use the Moving calculator on our website. Just fill in all the data and get an answer!

DFW Moving Company: how to order a service

If we were able to convince you that you should fulfill your dream right now, then call us soon! The DFW moving company’s phone number is listed on our website. You can contact the managers after calculating the cost to ask the remaining questions and clarify the details.

In addition, if you need advice before moving, contact our moving expert. He will gladly share his experience with you.