Pets Moving Experts will help you move with your pet. As a rule, people are more likely to say that travel is not convenient for them, forgetting about the inconveniences of their pets. It seems to us that we have a lot of things to do and worry, but for pets it is not difficult.
However, it is not. The wrong strategy when transporting a pet can be bad for its condition. In this article we will tell you about how to move if you have a dog, as well as give useful tips.

Pets Moving Experts: What is our services

Our moving company Allen provides a variety of moving services. We can help you pack and transport all your belongings, as well as assist with unpacking. In addition, movers can carry your furniture from the car to the floor you need and place it in the room.
If you doubt that the company is operating during a pandemic, then it’s in vain! We continue our work as usual and help our customers to move. You can contact us at any time and order any services.

Moving Tips from Pets Moving Experts in Allen

The main topic of this article is moving with pets. Now you are learning some helpful tips from Pets Moving Experts on how to move with pets.

Move the same bed, crate and toys for your pet to the new place

A person may like change. We love to go on vacation to different hotels and villas, change apartments, make repairs. We love drastic transformations. But for a pet, this can be a lot of stress.
Surely your pet has a favorite toy, comfy bed or blanket. Be sure to take them with you to your new home. The pet will be in an unfamiliar place, but he will feel something familiar. He will quickly get used to his new place if there are objects familiar to him.
If you want him to immediately get used to all the rooms, then you can put toys or decor items familiar to him in each of them. You can put his bowl in the kitchen, put his crib in the living room, put his toys in the bedroom. In this case, the pet quickly adapts to the new home and will feel calmer.
Professional pets movers do not recommend bringing pets into a completely alien atmosphere, as they may have psychological trauma.

Stick to your daily routine

Of course, people often try to change their routine and start a new life when moving. We are used to striving for change and we hope that it will help us become better. But don’t forget that pets love stability. According to Pets Moving Experts, in the first months, you should do everything so that your pet does not feel much of a difference after the move.
You should follow your usual daily routine. Especially those actions that concern your pet. Keep walking at the same time, play with him as often as possible, buy him the same food. The pet should feel that the new home is the same for him as the old one.
The pet will be comfortable only if you do everything so that the conditions in the new house are the same as before. Therefore, at first try to devote as much time as possible to this. Of course, pets moving is pretty tricky. But you should try to be comfortable for your pet.

Make sure your new home is dog-safe

Before moving your dog to a new home, you should make sure that there is a safe environment for it. You can talk to your landlord or use expert moving pets services. Professionals will check your new home for any danger to your dog.
It is important that there are no objects in the house that are dangerous to your dog. For example, some small decor items. Also, you should find out if the house has been treated for rodents or insects. Chemicals can be dangerous to the dog.
It’s worth taking some time to get your home ready for your pet’s arrival. Pets Moving Experts advise against saving time and effort for the sake of dog health.

Don’t leave your pet alone at home immediately after moving

Do not forget that the main thing for your pet is your concern. First, you should spend more time with him. If you leave him, he will feel lonely in his new home. He may be afraid of it.
Be sure to introduce your pet to each room and spend time with him in all rooms. He has to get used to the fact that he can run and play everywhere. It is important for him to feel that all the rooms are familiar.
Try to play with your pet more often for several days or weeks. He will understand that in this house he can be calm and not be afraid of anything. Allen movers advise you to make sure that your pet settles in a new place.

Try to stay calm during the move and in the weeks to come

Chances are you’ve heard that animals feel fear and anxiety in humans. Of course, this does not mean that these emotions cause aggression in the animal. The fact is that the pet is highly dependent on the mood of the owner. If the owner is stressed, then the pet will also be worried. Pets Moving Experts advise you to stay calm and not show stress.
Try to calm down and not be nervous. Play with your pet, play movies or music, chat with family and friends. Everything should be the same as usual. Pretend that you do not panic and are not afraid to miss something. You should convince your pet that everything is in order.

Give the dog time to adjust

At first, you may notice that the pet does not behave as usual. He can be very careful and distant from you. He can run around the house and play a little, because he is not yet used to a new place. Don’t think this is a problem. Don’t be nervous about this or try to force your pet to play.
Give him the opportunity to inspect all the rooms, every corner. Let him lie in every room, even if you would normally not let him lie in your bedroom or bathroom. The pet needs to get used to every room in the house.
If you order pets movers services, the workers will remind you once again that you should not force your pet to do something at first. Also try not to refuse him if he asks for something, for example, stay with him in one of the rooms or go out for a walk at any time.

Give your dog a lot of attention and love

You can argue for a long time about the rules when moving with a pet, but any Pets Moving Experts will tell you that the most important thing is love and care. Be attentive to your pet and he will be happy. For a dog, the most important thing is attention. If you do not leave the dog in difficult times, then he will be grateful to you.


Of course, the most important thing is to pay as much attention to your pet as possible. He should feel that you support him and take care of him. Try to be with your pet during the move and the first time after the move. Remember that for your dog you are the most important thing in life. The dog will be able to get used to the new conditions if you are with him.

Pets movers & moving service in Allen: FAQ

You ask us a lot of questions related to moving pets, as well as all of our services. Now we will answer some of the most popular questions.
Can I move my dog to a new home?
You can certainly move your dog to a new home. But you should follow the rules that we described for you above. Also, try not to move frequently if you have a dog.
Can I order moving Allen services during a pandemic?
Yes, our company is operating during a pandemic. We comply with all security measures and do not put our customers at risk.
Where can I find out more information about relocation and company services?
To find out more information about the move and about the company’s services, you can call us or write to a moving expert. We will gladly tell you all the details of the move and answer your questions.


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